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50 Things You Probably Didn't Know About China

Note: This article is for personal opinion as well as reference from some Vietnamese friends living in China. China is a large country with many people, there are things that are not absolutely true, but I have met a lot. Not to mention each province in China has a different culture. Sharing is for fun, sharing for those who are interested but still confused about China, especially students who are about to go to school, or those who want to travel back and forth to China.




This is something that many Vietnamese people are confused and worried about. Is the most asked question. In fact, it is understandable because the media and tabloid sites and social networking sites put a lot of things on China.

For those who have never been to, believe me, China is much more developed, rich and secure than we imagined.


It was also because of the silly likes on tabloids and social networking sites that this story became popular, causing a lot of controversy and completely wrong thinking for a large part of Vietnamese people.

With a dense camera system and security everywhere, now there is also a system of identity recognition and citizen score evaluation (controversial about human rights), the ability to find someone to look for on the system. This is true after 10 minutes, so entering China is required to have all 10 fingers. When the system was not officially operational, in 2017, I was supported by 2 police stations to check traffic cameras extremely enthusiastically about dropping my wallet at the point of up or down the taxi. Vietnamese police, haven't tried yet.

Coming here, you don't have to go on the street or go out to play, you will be grabbed by the kidney to play. Yes, crazy. I am afraid that when I return home, I will grow another kidney.


VPN is a tool to bypass firewalls to use international social networks. Free VPN has a lot but pay to buy experience it's different. Sometimes even faster than Vietnam.


Actually, Chinese friends are also full of friends who use VPN to look up idols on instagram, watch youtube, don't know who teaches it, but it's so smart haha.

I think the Chinese government is loosening it up for foreigners to use, it's not like they don't know. However, at some sensitive times, the VPN is still locked, not loosened at all.


This is known by everyone, but it is so popular that many times when I need cash, I run back and forth and no one can help me because everyone scans Wechat with Alipay, no cash.

For me, this is a great development of China compared to the world, it is worth studying. Extremely convenient and used by people of all walks of life, all generations, everywhere. Going out on the street does not have to carry a wallet or a card. The janitor, the vegetable seller, the noodle seller or even the beggar also hangs the QR code in front of her neck asking for money. It's a bit funny to say, but I often scan QR to shoot money for beggars. Begging in the new era does not disappoint, if you don't hang a QR, who has cash to give. I really like this clever but a bit difficult.

It took Chinese people a few years to get used to it. It is important that when deploying and starting to use the company has a lot of attractive promotions, government support to promote people to get used to it. I hope Vietnam will also receive it soon because it's so fun to use. Those of you who hate the way that you go shopping and be asked for change and then put the candy in your hand, then be prepared, pay with QR code, you will not have to eat any more candy.


App to buy like Shopee on my side but much better. Everything you can find on taobao, from fish sauce to Hao Hao shrimp noodles or even shrimp paste. Only money is not found.

Using taobao is very easy to get addicted. When I first came here, I heard from my Chinese friends that they didn't go anywhere on vacation, just stayed at home and surfed taobao all day. I pouted my lips. And then I also tried surfing, the results I surfed even stronger than them. The more you surf, the more addicted you are, the more you scan, everything is there, everything is good. If there is a hot trend or a beautiful outfit, go to Taobao to see everything.

That's why I say you live with China and then just delete taobao, life will be much easier, the rate of addiction and addiction is much higher than fb. However, once you're addicted, it's better to have trouble breathing than keke.


With the great advancement in technology, everything in China can be done in an excellent instant with just one phone. Order food, buy goods online, buy train tickets, park tickets, etc. go to the online market to buy meat and buy vegetables.

Oh, there is no code here, all payments are made first. The sympathetic salesmen did not go to China to live, and it was difficult to integrate.

7. Less Theft

In other cities I don't know, but in Guangzhou I have never encountered theft even though there are a lot of people, a lot of immigrants, the chance of stealing is extremely high, especially with a young kid. play late at night like me.

Taking the bus, taking the train, you never have to keep an eye on your bag for fear of being hooked or slashed. Many times when I go out alone, my luggage is thrown in one place and then I set up a tripod to take pictures. Go half a kilometer to take a photo of the boredom and return the bag is still there. Maybe there's nothing to steal because the money in the phone is gone. With all of you, the security guards are very crowded, so just grab them immediately.


China sees squat toilets everywhere, except for large shopping centers or luxury hotels.

I asked why, the female friends said that the toilet felt horrible and unhygienic because everyone put their butt on it, easy to spread the disease. You even buy a pedestal pad to keep in your toilet seat bag for more peace of mind, even though it's pretty useless. Plus, free public toilets are everywhere.

There's no divine spray huhu.

Wherever you go, bring your own napkin. It's very rare to have a restaurant that uses tissue paper without having to pay. There is also a good thing that using my own paper will end the disease of using bluff.


This is something that I can't help but laugh and find it quite confusing when everyone here has a hot water bottle. The hot water here is like a miracle of creation.

When you have a headache, an upset stomach, a cold, a fever, a month or even a few pimples, you will be advised to drink some hot water. I swear haha. Then a heart attack because of the hot water. A Western friend even told me I had a fever and they also told me to drink hot water.

However, I see some cases where hot water is really useful. Northern China is very cold, winter is -10 to -40 degrees, so hot water is very important to them. In the freezing cold winter, drinking hot water will be much better.

The girls here also rarely drink ice because they think it is not good for health. During my period, I don't eat ice cream, don't go out in the wind, abstain from a lot of food, almost like a mother.


Again, an issue was discussed up and down, asked and asked, argued over and over again. Is China, especially Beijing, polluted? It used to be heavily polluted, used to be.

China to achieve the development, modernity, and wealth as it is today, it has had to trade off with heavy pollution for many years in many cities. But in recent years, with the efforts of the government and people, they have started a campaign to protect the environment in many aspects such as not importing garbage, sorting garbage, planting more trees, compulsory payment. money for plastic bags.

I affirm that Beijing is now no longer as polluted as before, the sky is clear, there is no smog, and people are no longer wearing masks on the street. Extremely easy to breathe and very normal.

Many of you are very funny when you have never been to China but often go to groups of international students exclaiming, oh, it's so polluted over there, I can't breathe bla bla... ! It's true, it's wrong once, with a reputation for thousands of years


The roads here are very clean and beautiful and there is always a team of powerful aunts and uncles to pick up trash and clean up continuously. The road does not have a single piece of trash. People's awareness is also high, less trash is thrown on the street, the rate of trash cans make people see everywhere, they don't want to throw it on the street.


Plastic bags are charged for purchases in supermarkets and shops. This is what many countries apply to protect the environment. Going to the supermarket, most of them carry their own bags or carry them without returning.

But with the terrible online food ordering of people like now, the use of plastic boxes and plastic bags is also an alarming situation in terms of environmental protection. If they don't change, China will sooner or later drown in the garbage.


The main means of transportation of the people here are cars, electric motorbikes, bicycles, buses, trams and two legs. Motorcycles are prohibited in the inner city.

Looking at the whole city is very civilized, all cars are cars, but I still prefer the feeling of riding a motorbike because it is much faster and more convenient.

Bike rental by scanning QR everywhere, everywhere. Just scan the QR, pay 1 yuan / hour, then you have to pedal where you want to pedal, throw where you want, as you like. In Vietnam, the tire and frame must be a piece of junk. Moreover, their sidewalks always have separate planning for bicycle lanes, delivery trams and even pedestrian lanes.

I mostly go everywhere by train, although walking to the train station is also lame. My husband is a football player who plays 3-4 football matches a week, soaked in sweat, but after 2 days I took him to Guangzhou, there was a phenomenon of calf strain and applied for a 1 day train break. Cities are too large, trams save a lot of time and reduce traffic congestion. Moreover, many users are far from the city map by metro stops, each station is often built with underground Trade Center tunnels, so sometimes you go out and play all day and don't see the sun, In addition to banning motorbikes in cities, it is also forbidden to use provincial cars at rush hour.

Taxis are not expensive, but charging for traffic jams is also exhausting. But often congested, especially in Beijing, the road has been built for a long time, but it is difficult for people to open the road.

14. WIFI 88888888

Many places like to put the wifi password as 8 numbers 8. I have tried many times and succeeded. Chinese people like the number 8 very much, then it goes to 6 and 1. So the sale days often miss the days with this number.


Banking service is extremely fast and professional. Modern machine system, can do all operations with the machine, deposit, withdraw, passbook... Making a bank card with card is always in just 10 minutes. About 3 years ago, banks welcomed extremely, but now it is difficult for Nam Cuong, banks do not accept new cards for foreigners, especially Vietnamese. I heard that the list of the top 10 money launderers every year has one with a Vietnamese name?


Chinese people are rumored to not bother to study English but in fact they are not, they try hard to study but they don't get in. Different font system is also a big obstacle for you.

Most Chinese, like Vietnamese, do not speak English fluently, including students who are working in 4-5 star international hotels. The sound is pretty bad. However, there are still many good friends, but I rarely see them. If you go to China with only English, you will die. Ah but yes, it's the same as m, they can read - type fluently, and google translate is from Chinese - English quite literally. If you need English transactions, they can completely support it.


Well, don't say this. Sinh west is more than his side. Westerners who go out or go to work are always asked to take pictures with them. Night clubs are also free to drink for the west, entertainment centers, dancers, DJs, must be Western, to look expensive.

Living in China just needs to have a western face or a western face, just like the grandparents. If you're dating with a westerner, you'll be fine, just call it oai vl. Westerners even wonder why the Chinese treat themselves so badly and worship the west so much. Vietnamese people are not like that because they look exactly like Chinese people.


Although not as favored as Western friends, other foreigners are generally well loved. No matter who you are from, as a foreigner, you will receive a lot of loving help from the Chinese. I have never been deceived by Chinese people, but in Vietnam, I get annoyed by brokers, motorbike taxis, shippers, bursting goods, transferring wrong money and paying for it.

19. Are the Chinese any good?

This question is very difficult because depending on the region, depending on the person, the personality is different, there are people everywhere, but personally - a person from another country who comes to live, I will answer that they are very nice, very friendly. , very enthusiastic. That's the general comment for all the places I've been to.

It's not like I haven't met bad people here before, I've been to places where there are rumors of being mean, stealing a lot, but being bad is acceptable, because good people are much more than that.


For a long time, Chinese goods have had a reputation of being worthless. But after living here, I always use Chinese domestic products because it's good.

I don't explain much about this, it depends on each person's perspective. Many times when I see something that is not good, it is not good to blame China, to blame. If the egg is also dumped on China to fake it, I will accept it too. The cost of fake eggs can sometimes be more than buying real eggs. Many cases are self-deprecating, but all Vietnamese people self-harm each other and blame China.


The Chinese people are proud of their nation and have high honor. Whatever you do, your country must be the best. Touching China will kill you, people will boycott it.

For example, the Chinese people now use Huawei all the time, proudly using it. Using Apple is also mocked as unpatriotic, my god. There was a time when they accidentally teased them saying that Guangxi was Vietnam's first, but they rapped with me. I feel like I've stopped eating alone, my mouth is a bit far away haha. As for the Chinese style, the Chinese style is very beautiful, if you love China so much, you can call it an extra 2000 points.


I find this place to do very good service. All kinds of services are done thoroughly and excellently. The above has praised the banking service because it is so impressive, down here, I have to commend other types of services.

I am most impressed with the shippers. It's not easy to work hard in the sun and rain, it's not easy in the cold winter to be on the street all day. Attitude is always good.

Why is the service good? Because they are afraid to give a one-star rating. One star is always flying. Many shippers have been begged by one star, begging customers to reconsider and re-evaluate. Sometimes I run like crazy just because I'm afraid to delay the customer's food by 1 minute.

Or like taobao, I order things, even though I pay in advance, but I am not satisfied, I will refund the goods very quickly (even though I have only refunded 1 time hehe). They take 5 star reviews very seriously. Customers who receive the goods specialize in calling to inquire, please evaluate. Guests have any problem solved in a note. Really like the service here.


China never tip the service person. Because I work in the same industry, I understand the hardships of service people, so before I go anywhere with good service, I always give tips.

Or the hard-working shippers, I don't get the change back. In China, it is already difficult to tip without cash, and the Chinese culture never tip again. Many times when I go to eat, receive a tip from taobao, but people are afraid to run away and say oh don't do that, don't dare to accept it??


It sounds funny, but it's true. In the age of technology, family members use phones and forget how to write words. My Chinese teacher admits that there are many unwritten characters. Sometimes I ask them to write a few words that are rarely used but their faces are so cute.


Fast, convenient, civilized. People's awareness of participating in traffic is also very high. After 1-2 cups of alcohol, you must definitely not drive, call a driver for you (like book grab) to bring you and the car back, these guys have a folding electric car with the trunk, and the rental driver fee is much more expensive than a taxi . One day, my boss put the steering wheel in my hand and forced me to drive. Because he couldn't call the driver for him, he lost 2 cups with his partner. Although I only know how to drive, I have never been to the field, and do not have a license. Blow that alcohol in addition to a very large amount of money, will hang your license, and sit for 2 weeks. No matter who you are.

Don't run red lights because the road is empty. The cold penalty system is very effective, the tolls and roads have a chip card in front of them, recharge money. No need to stop and pay for tickets at both ends of the highway.

Inter-provincial roads, 100% expressways. Running em ru but also only for 80km / h, sometimes only get to 100km. All are as beautiful as the new Hai Phong - HN street, and the street lights use solar power up to 80% already, it's true that the growers are different


The standard of living in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and some other big cities is quite high. About 3-5 times higher than Hanoi.


In fact, when modern life develops, technology is greatly advanced, everything can be handled by a phone, of course people will not be very friendly or interested in each other's affairs.

People are quite pragmatic, fast-paced life. The pressure of having food, money, buying a house, buying a car, family pressure is too heavy to distort the true nature of many people, making people become pragmatic, cowardly and indifferent. People don't have the time to care about other people's business. Taking the train at rush hour will see everyone wearing headphones every day, plugging their heads into their phones, cold to the point of fear.

"If you want to be enthusiastic, go home to be full."

But rest assured, that's only part of it, not all of it. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen still have a lot of gentle, honest, enthusiastic people from other provinces and cities. When you need help, find someone to help, they will still help you even if they are in a hurry.


Because of the expensive cost, many of you stay in dorms in hostels to save money on rent. I remember when I was at the dorm in both Beijing and Shanghai, I met many friends lying all day in the dorm, taking out books to study.

After I asked, it was only because the rental cost was too expensive, about 5000 - 7000 yuan a month for a temporary room (depending on the location and location), so you guys stay in the dorm. About 60-80 yuan a day. It's much cheaper than renting a house.


Anyone who has watched the movie must have seen the gourd skewers that all children love, and love to look at. It's also pretty on the outside, but its taste is quite controversial. For me, it's bad. 10 points for form, 2 points for content. Criticism of disjointed, unconnected content.


It is very easy for the Chinese to say sorry and thank you. Just a slight touch on you or a very small mistake they also say sorry. Thanks too. Everyone said thank you in an easy and effortless way.


China is large, stretching through many types of terrain, of course the weather is also very diverse.

The South is quite similar to Vietnam but a bit more comfortable. The North is cold and dry. Dry brutally dry, brutally dry. I have mixed skin at home, it's quite smooth when it's new, too dry to adapt to the promotion for the whole basket of acne, peeling skin like a scabies toad despite being fully nourished. In winter, it is very common to have nosebleeds, sometimes it is difficult to breathe, and a lot of stuffy nose.

Well, it's dry, so its cold is pleasant, not bitter. -10 -15 degrees is still ok, summer is not sticky, dirty, mostly hot and cool and sometimes hot like crazy.

The four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are clearly shown through the scenery of each season. Spring flowers are full of bloom, summer is green and smooth, autumn leaves are yellow and red leaves, winter snow is white.


I don't understand how the sunshine is here, but the girls outside on the street in the middle of summer are very few people to cover, not cover but still horrible white. There are some friends who also cover but don't hide like their ninja sisters.

The first summer I went out, covered up and down like a thief and humiliated myself, I felt weird. Sometimes when going out in groups, while my friends are shabby, I have a lonely stealing style.

In the end, I took off all my sunscreen on my own, leaving nothing behind to quickly integrate into the human world.

And after many days of being in the sun from morning to night, the result is that I have black, I'm just a little darker, friends, it's not significant. Since then, I have not covered it. The Chinese sunshine really does not disappoint me.


This side has quite a lot of early gray-haired friends, only 20 years old with gray hair full of heads.


Chinese people have very limited information about the world, even young people. Even Vietnam borders China, but you are still quite vague, asking stupid questions like black Vietnam, wearing a hat?

Talking about Vietnamese money, ask me if you have so many zeros, do you have to carry a sack to receive your salary? What does Vietnam eat with rice and with what? Along with a thousand other stupid questions that I can't remember.

That's Vietnam next door. Europe and America will stop being blind. Generally they are caged birds but it is a big cage and they are happy in their own cage, regardless of life.

"The world to us is a big world. The Chinese people's world is China"


The Chinese hate the Japanese bitterly, not the Vietnamese.

Because of the Nanjing Massacre, the Chinese hate Japan like Vietnam hates China. What about Vietnam? Honestly, don't be proud, but Vietnam doesn't care and some don't even know what Vietnam is. Just like any other foreigner. Again, politics is not discussed here.


Despite their daily efforts to introduce Vietnam, they constantly mistook themselves for Thai. All day, my dear, your Thailand is like that. You have to get mad at them to apologize for forgetting your origin.

And they can't distinguish Thai from Vietnamese anymore. Actually, people always think Thai is funny, but Vietnamese is the same every time I speak Vietnamese they laugh like I'm speaking monkey language.

The Chinese know about Vietnam through movies, but it's the kind of movie from the time of liberation, in 1975, in their minds, the Vietnamese people were unlucky, small, and rolling in the mud, living on wet rice. Vietnamese music is HKT. Even going to karaoke, I can only find 2-3 hits like Kieu's step is our mother tongue. Son Tung, forever can't get the plowing view from China, because it blocks youtube, and HKT is the characteristic of Vietnamese music.


Due to the poverty and ignorance of many people, Vietnamese girls are evaluated as a cheap and good product in China. The Vietnamese themselves tricked into selling their own people to this side so that after a thousand years of glory, they are sometimes asked the question of buying a Vietnamese wife very cheaply. Bored!

I introduce the identity of VN but they are like: VN also has a beautiful and white girl like this (that's me when I was young), VN also knows how to speak Chinese, can also learn English? There are many offers to sell it as a wife 2-3-4 for it, or surrogacy for a child, provide a garage of all kinds, the amount of money compared to me is huge, but it is worth a dowry if it wants to get married. Chinese government.


Airfares here are quite stable and do not vary much. It's quite paradoxical to book closer and cheaper. Should book within 1 month before flight date.


China's train, train, and bullet train system is truly amazing. All types of ships are always crowded with thousands of people.

High-speed trains are known as ground planes, with a speed of 200-400km/h. Roughly calculating if VN is built with this standard, then Hanoi - HCM will only take 6 hours. Sometimes the ticket is more expensive than the plane, but people still choose the highway because of its low risk, fast and hassle-free check-in, flexible luggage, furniture and service sometimes even better than an airplane.


Many of you buy a house and buy a car when you are young. I was also surprised when all the trainees at my hotel, 20-21 years old, already have a car license, daughter. Wildly good. Selling gasoline to women here is not a crime.


Spitting is the thing I hate the most. In the middle of Beijing, yes, in the middle of the magnificent capital, people are innocently spitting. Although young people have changed now, there is still a lot. Many times, meeting a couple of handsome and beautiful women, holding hands for a walk, the handsome man spitting up looked bored and couldn't stand it.

Then in the middle of a restaurant, a luxury 5-star hotel, many doctors were standing and spitting so loudly that no one wanted to eat anymore. Or the time I remember the most is sitting at the bird's nest stadium, sitting next to an old man. I was like a dreamer when he squeaked, moved his throat, and then squeaked, oh yeah, he spit out a big swarm right next to my shoes. Death is unacceptable.

I've never peeed, so I'm sure I'll be fined.

Smoking in prohibited places is fined a lot of money and going to prison to play for 2 weeks.

Eat loudly, squawk like a flock of ducks fighting each other. Eating and drinking, especially buffet. Take it for a try and eat it all. Very fortunate.

42. FOOD

Chinese food is salty, greasy and hard to eat. I think because it's a cold area, they have to eat like that. I live here but I don't eat Chinese every day. It's ok to eat familiar, but you have to find the right place, not every place is suitable for your taste. But eating for a long time will become addicted, I've been back to Vietnam for 2 years and still crave Chinese food terribly, I can't find any restaurant that is delicious and full of dishes. Oh wow...

It's delicious to be led by a local. It's not a coincidence that rice is praised. When you go to a fancy restaurant to eat, you forget to be sad.


Over here, junk food that is not full of sugar like HN makes me terribly disappointed. They mainly sell under subway stations, or small shops, so it's not like holding 100k can eat the whole world, it's expensive. If you want to buy, you can also go to 7eleven, family mart... everywhere, the rate is 50m/shop, and packed snacks of countless varieties. Eaten for many years but not out of taste.


Studying in China is quite easy to apply for, scholarships on groups are rampant. It can be said that it is difficult to get a job and the opportunity to stay. China has a large population, what they lack is never a shortage of human resources. Many international students who studied for many years wanted to stay but in the end were forced to return home.

So to work in China, either you have to be good, or you are very lucky (like me). In addition to being able to withstand the pressures of life. But in the end, after returning to Vietnam, the eagle broke its wings from here.


2 biggest, most developed, most expensive cities. A South and a North hate each other like cats and dogs, no different from Cochinchina and Tonkin by their side.

Beijing guy thinks he is the best, the most luxurious. The same is true of Shanghai, our Shanghai is the best. Both places have in common that the original people are quite posh, they only like locals, they don't like immigrants. Beijing plays with Beijing, Shanghai only likes Shanghai people. The rest is trash.

I remember the time when I went to Shanghai, but when I came back to Beijing, he was so angry. It asks you to go to Shanghai, what's good??? What's up, mom.

I heard that Shanghai zai is delicious but it's not your turn, stop dreaming kaka. You don't have to go to Shanghai to grab a brother and bring it home.


Trung boys with some kind of mystical upbringing from their parents plus the fact that they let them eat love stories to grow up, they are mostly gentle and cute.

I don't know about southern boys, but northern boys are okay haha. Tall, white, beautiful voice and unmatched gallantry. Of course, there are bad and ungrateful paternal fathers, but gallantry and respect for women are in their blood.

Gentle, gentle, gallant, warm. When going out to eat, it's not everyone who invites Italians to pay, but the boys pay automatically. Sometimes they will make you feel like they like you, but no, they all treat you like that. Quit illusions.

Trung when he fell in love, he loved and pampered his lover. Flowers, gifts, roses are in abundance. But when they get it back, they change, guys. They changed to the new mode of wearing the wife on top. Fear of the wife is still a trend here. The husband does all the work, earns money, and then comes home to do housework, cook, and wash. Money given to wife to keep. Wife gave birth to cry up and down. Really, it's not a lie, VN brothers who read this, don't be proud of yourself. My old man every time he reads the news or hears about a bad story about getting his Tq account, he pats his thigh and laughs, telling me to keep my eyes open. But the rate of bad treatment of wife and children is still much lower than in Vietnam. But the case of Vietnamese wives being sold to all people in the very bottom of the Chinese society, cannot be compared with orthodox Chinese men in love.

Well, that's not enough, the Chinese boys work very hard and put in a lot of effort. Due to the gender difference, the nature of respecting women, plus the pressure to buy a house, buy a car, and have a lot of money to get married, they are very miserable. Being a Chinese man is really not easy. Pressure 800 side hic.

Most are, but not all. Still a lot of bad boys. The gender gap is high, but still a lot of guys love a few girls at a time (quite jealous haha) and then have an affair, but it's still the type of wife on top, it's hard to leave your wife with you , probably because it is too expensive to get married each time, and the division of property is in favor of women. In short, when it loves someone, then it loves it.

Also, in Vietnam, you often talk to boys on Tantan. App Tantan is an app that cheats on this side, so be careful. It's not 100% bad because there are many people who are curious to download it for fun and then accidentally surf on you. In general, I hope you guys who like Chinese characters will find a really happy Chinese guy haha.

47. Daughters of China

Okay, now it's Chinese girls. Southern girls, especially in Quang Xi and Guangdong regions, are known as the blackest and ugliest. The northern girls are tall and white. The average height is also about 1m65. m7 height is too normal. They were tall and white, but still straight and long. So I came here to go with them, they look like a sweet potato, friends. IBM is always higher than them, no matter how hard you try to lose weight. Well, with the above advantages, Chinese girls have minus points about curves, usually a small belly but flat on the top and bottom, but they don't pay much attention to this.

Xinh thì rất nhiều xinh. Mà xấu thì cũng đông vđ. Nhưng đặc biệt bên này có nhiều đứa nó xinh kiểu thần tiên tỉ tỉ mà ở Việt Nam mình hiếm có. Cái thần thái của tụi nó hơn con gái bên mình. Ngũ quan thì có vẻ gái Việt mình nhỉnh hơn chút. Mắt tụi nó đa phần là mắt một mí.

Tụi nó thì cũng có đứa nọ đứa kia. Đứa thực dụng vì biết mình có giá, đứa lại rất biết nghĩ. Cái này cũng tuỳ người thôi chứ không đánh giá tổng thể chung được.

Trang điểm biến hình từ một con xấu như điên thành xinh như tiên trên Tik tok các bạn hay xem cũng không nhiều đâu. Những người đó họ là makeup artist hoặc hotgirl. Kiểu cố tình làm mình xấu đi rồi make cho đẹp lên ý.

Có 2 điều khá tởm của tụi con gái đó là: để lông nách và không tắm mỗi ngày. Cái này mình thật sự chứng kiến quá nhiều bạn rồi chứ không phải chỉ một số mà dám nói. Ôi trời ơi các bà cứ để lông nách dài ngoằng đen ngòm, kinh hơn cả nách đàn ông xong hồn nhiên giơ nách lên như đúng rồi ý. Kiểu chẳng ngại gì cả. Sợ vãi đi được. Có lông nách thì che che vào chứ má ơi.

Tiếp theo là không tắm mỗi ngày. Ok mùa đông lạnh quá -15 độ có thể không tắm, không sao vì dù gì cũng không có mồ hôi. Nhưng mùa hè tụi nó cũng không tắm hàng ngày luôn. Tụi nó còn bảo đến tháng không nên tắm vì như thế là không tốt cho sức khoẻ nữa. Đến đây là thôi, cạn lời. Chúng nó lười tắm thật sự luôn không đùa đâu.

À tụi nó còn thích dùng các app chụp ảnh ảo lòi, chụp kiểu không nhận ra chính mình mới chịu. Nếu chỉ nhìn ảnh thì tất cả đều mang một khuôn mặt người ngoài hành tinh với cằm nhọn hoắt, mắt ốc nhồi, mũi môi nhỏ xíu. Video chúng nó cũng chỉnh nát xác vậy, không kém cạnh gì ảnh. Chụp ảnh mà giơ cam thường lên là hổng có ưng nổi đó nha.


This is something that I find Chinese boys very miserable but it is fair for women. China has long existed that getting married takes a lot of money for the wife's family. Sometimes the wife does not ask, but the parents-in-law require the son-in-law to have a house, a car, and a savings book. When in love, girls often ask if their son has a car at home. That type.

At first I was quite allergic to this style and didn't quite understand it. It's like buying and selling because of the gender difference. Whoever has a lot of money has a wife. But later, when I learned and talked to the girls, I found it good. It is a show of respect for women. That's unthinkable in a country as traditional as China.

Think about it. Parents who gave birth to a daughter to raise, care for, and love for so many years can't be married to a hairy bastard. That amount of hundreds of thousands of yuan is compensation for the efforts of the parents to nurture, to compensate for the youth of the daughter. If something happens later, the girl is still the worst person. Furthermore, since the people of their own country accept this, I don't find it strange.

49. Dress up

Here, you guys dress stylishly, confidently, sometimes crazy from the table. How many trends in Vietnam originate here. Extremely creative. The good thing is that no matter what you wear, no matter how bad you look, no one is free to care about your business, no one is whispering. You are beautiful, you show off. If you feel confident, you wear revealing clothes. I have clothes that I only dare to wear in China, but only in Vietnam, I'm afraid of being scrutinized haha.


The New Year usually takes a month off from trading, the full moon of January is off, Thanh Minh is off, international labor it doesn't have April 30, but it also takes a week off more than me. Killing bugs on vacation, 1/6 children off. July full moon holiday. Mid-autumn holiday. National guests take 7/10 days off... OK, I don't remember them all, but every month has a holiday.

It's over. Invite to another place hehe. If you go to China, be careful not to have your heart stolen and your internal organs still intact.


St from Phuong Thao


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