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Beware of fraudulent calls to pay traffic fines

Taking advantage of the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, many people claiming to be officers of the Traffic Police Department (Traffic Police, Ministry of Public Security), Ministry of Transport (Transportation) and Departments of Transport of provinces and cities called people. People "notify to pay fines" for traffic violations in order to cheat and appropriate people's property. The Traffic Police Department has warned about this situation.

Mr. Le Tuong Hieu in Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi reflected: "A few days ago, I suddenly received a phone call from +84 843820620 claiming to be the switchboard of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport, informing tell me I have an unpaid fine; To know the receipt number, please press number 9. I followed, a male voice continued to announce that this is the switchboard number of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transport and the address of the head office is very clear. Then this person asked for my first and last name, identity card number to help find the number of the receipt to pay the fine. I know this is a scam, moreover, I haven't been to Ho Chi Minh City by personal vehicle for a long time, so I asked him what department he worked in, and this subject turned off the phone. I called back to the above phone number, the switchboard said "the number you just dialed is not available".

And Mr. Nguyen Thanh Giang, from Bach Sam ward, My Hao town (Hung Yen) said: "I received a phone call from +84 916923469 informing that I have a receipt that has not been paid, for details, please contact me. Press the number 9 key to connect with the Traffic Police Department. However, I pressed the number 1 key on the other end of the machine and also announced "this is the Traffic Police Department...", then asked me to provide personal information. In addition to the two cases above, according to the reflection of many people, over the past time, they have often received the phone "notification of paying fines" for traffic violations from the following numbers:

+80 856578104

+84 843881533

+80 856708428

+80 856708755

+80 856705881

+80 856957972... with the same trick as above.

Traffic police Police of Nha Trang City (Khanh Hoa) check the road permits for vehicles entering and leaving the city. Photo: MANH HUNG
Traffic police Police of Nha Trang City (Khanh Hoa) check the road permits for vehicles entering and leaving the city. Photo: MANH HUNG

In addition to this form of fraud, the Traffic Police Department said that recently, in many localities across the country, subjects claiming to be agents of the Traffic Police Department called to notify the handling of violations of order and safety. traffic through images (often called "cold fines"), then ask people to provide personal information, bank OTP codes to appropriate property.

Specifically, the Traffic Police Department continuously received many calls from people reporting that they had strange phone numbers: +84 906077811, +84 906071895... unknown phone number called the agency's switchboard number. Traffic police, local Traffic Police Department, informed that they have a receipt of "cold fines" for violating traffic order and safety. These subjects claim to be the agents of the traffic police and often ask questions: Have you received the minutes of the fine? Or you cause a traffic accident (with time, place)... so far the processing time has passed; please provide the minutes number, if you have not received the minutes, ask you to provide your name, age, address, identity card number/citizen identification number, passport number, account number banks... so that the Traffic Police Department, the Traffic Police Department will provide you with the number of minutes, violations, handling methods, and fines...

In fact, the tricks of the subjects were to use high-tech software (voice over IP - how to call using voice transmission applications over a computer network), fake phone numbers displayed on the screen, fake phone numbers, and fake phone numbers. Public telephones of state agencies to call mobile subscribers and landline phones of the people, causing confusion and fear in order to exploit personal information, cheat, and appropriate property. The Traffic Police Department said that the process of "cold fines" is being carried out according to a 6-step process: Collecting images of violations (from vehicles, professional technical equipment or from organizations and individuals providing ... ); extract images; make records of violations, print notices; issue notices to vehicle owners; coordinate with vehicle owners in handling violations; update processing results and close the records.

At step 5, the violator/vehicle owner needs to bring the violation notice, documents related to the vehicle and the driver of the violating vehicle to the traffic police headquarters. Then, submit the relevant documents to the reception staff and wait for the names to be called in order. The civil reception officer lets the violator review the image of the violating vehicle, the violator confirms the correct error and proceeds to make a violation record and issue a sanctioning decision.

Upon receiving the sanctioning decision, the violator shall pay the fine at the State Treasury or the commercial bank where the State Treasury mandates the collection of the fine stated in the sanctioning decision (or pay it by post for collection). . After paying the fine, the violator submits the receipt to the immigration officer and receives the seized papers. In addition, according to the provisions of Clause 12, Article 80 of Decree No. 100/2020/ND-CP, if the vehicle owner does not come to cooperate in solving the violation case according to the notice, the Traffic Police Department will send a notice to the registration agency. inspection to include vehicle warnings related to administrative violations on the inspection management program.

Faced with this situation, the Traffic Police Department gives advice to the people, first of all, it is necessary to strictly abide by the Road Traffic Law; comply with the notice of the authorities when there is a violation. All cases of being handled "cold fines" related to traffic are notified of violations by the authorities to vehicle owners or drivers. Upon receiving the notice of violation from the competent authority, on the appointment date, the vehicle owner or the representative of the vehicle owner or the person who commits the violation and the vehicle in violation will come to the headquarters of the competent authority to settle. If after 15 days, the violator still has not come to the competent agency to cooperate in solving the administrative violation case, the Traffic Police Department will coordinate with the police of wards, communes and townships to send a notice of violation to the owner. vehicle. If you receive a call from the above phone numbers, people absolutely do not provide personal information and quickly notify the nearest local police agency.

To look up traffic violation vehicles through images, people can access the address:

of the Traffic Police Department and fill in the necessary information according to the instructions.

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