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Does eating chocolate cake make you fat? At what age can babies eat?

The Best Way - With an irresistible appeal, the combination of diverse ingredients from traditional to modern has helped Chocopie cakes win the hearts of consumers around the world, including Vietnam. So how many calories are in Chocopies? Does eating Chocopies make you fat? To answer this question, you can refer to the information in the following article.

chocopie cake
chocopie cake

1 How many calories in a chocolate cake?

To know the calories in chocolate cake first, please join The Best Way to find out:

Chocolate cake ingredients

Chocopie is the name of a type of cake produced by the famous Korean confectionery group - Orion in 1974. Chocopie chocolate cake is one of the cake brands made up of a layer of marshmallow in the middle of two layers of sponge cake and the whole cake. The round cake is covered with a layer of chocolate.

According to the product packaging, Chocopie cake has nutritional ingredients including: flour, sugar, malt, shortening, oxidized vegetable oil, whole milk powder, salt, gelatin, sodium bicarbonate (E500ii), vanilla , milk protein, ammonium bicarbonate (E503ii), monocalcium phosphate (E341i), emulsifier (E322), xanthan gum (E415), cocoa powder, chicken eggs.

Orion Chocopie cake is the crystallization of Korean culinary culture. Initially, the manufacturer mainly provided chocolate to the military after days of intense training. But until now, this type of cake is so familiar to everyone that when mentioning Korea, people think of Chocopie, just like when mentioning Kim Chi - people will immediately think of Korea. However, the most important question is how many calories are in 1 chocolate cake?

How many calories in 1 chocolate cake?

Chocopie is a round cake shaped like the moon, inspired by the long-standing Moon Pie. Each chocopie cake is made up of 2 layers including: Chocopie wafer crust covered with chocolate on the outside made from flour, eggs, sugar, salt, cocoa mixture, glucose syrup, whole milk powder... Marshmallow cream layer The inside is made from milk, soybeans, wheat and eggs.

chocopie cake
chocopie cake

Chocopie cakes are extremely convenient, pre-packaged in small packages, suitable for snacks during the day. You can easily carry it with you while traveling to school, class, work, and even on trips and picnics.

So how many calories are in a chocolate cake?

According to research, a chocolate cake will contain about 1g of protein, 0.8g of fiber, 1g of fat, 18g of sugar and carbohydrates, providing about 120 calories. This amount of calories is equivalent to the amount of calories in a cup of rice that we eat every day. If you eat 2 chocopies at once, your body will have to consume about 240 calories, equivalent to 2 cups of rice.

To be able to come to the conclusion that eating Chocopie cake makes you fat, you need to do a simple calculation about the correlation between the amount of calories the body needs and the amount of calories the cake brings:

  • An adult needs about 1800-2000 calories for daily activities. With 3 meals a day, people will need about 667 calories for each meal. Consuming calories higher than 667 will cause you to gain weight.

  • 1 Chocopie provides the body with 120 calories. To fill up on cake in one meal, you will need to eat at least 8 cakes, so you have consumed up to 960 calories.

It can be seen that when you are full with Chocopie cake, the calorie content you will take into your body is nearly 300 calories more than the amount of calories needed for each meal. In addition, the unbalanced nutritional composition in Chocopies is also the reason why experts list them as foods that cause belly fat.

Cakes contain very little fiber and protein, but contain a large amount of sugar and fat. Therefore, if someone asks you if eating Chocopies makes you fat, you should definitely answer that eating a lot of Chocopies will make you fat.

Some other frequently asked questions

Does eating Chocopies help you lose weight?

You have found out how many calories a chocolate cake contains, so you can understand that if you eat chocolate cake in an appropriate amount while combining it with other nutritious foods and appropriate exercises, you will not be afraid of affecting your health. weight. However, this is not a dish to lose weight.

chocopie cake
chocopie cake

High calorie content with too much fat and sugar makes Chocopie an unhealthy food for scientific weight loss. If you often choose Chocopie as a breakfast or afternoon snack, this is likely the culprit that makes your weight uncontrollable and even makes you fat.

Does eating chocolate cake cause acne?

According to a US research report, men can consume a maximum of 37.5g of sugar per day, while women can consume a maximum of about 25g. If we consume enough sugar every day (not too much), it will help the body have enough energy and nutrients to function without causing acne.

On the contrary, if you consume too much sugar, it will not only cause your skin to become less smooth and cause acne, but we will also encounter many health problems.

The reason is that sugar molecules often stick to collagen, and collagen is an important ingredient that determines the beauty of the skin. Too much sugar will cause collagen cells to function poorly, skin tissues to stiffen, losing the necessary elasticity of the skin epidermis, and wrinkles will also appear.

chocopie cake
chocopie cake

Each chocopie contains about 18g of sugar. So if you eat one every day, you don't need to worry too much about acne-prone skin.

Chocopie cakes are for children from what age?

Chocolate contains relatively high levels of fat and calories, but its protein is low, not enough for your baby's growth. So with the question of how old a baby can eat chocolate cake, experts say it should not be used for children under 3 years old.

If you eat before meals, eat a lot and often, your baby may have a nutritional imbalance. High calorie and fat content is also the reason why children become anorexic, bloated, and have difficulty absorbing nutrients from food. Besides, chocolate also contains theobromine and caffeine, so if children eat too much, they can suffer from insomnia.

chocopie cake
chocopie cake

Eat chocolate cake the right way

Although it is not considered a body-friendly food, you should not worry too much about whether eating Chocopies will make you fat. Even if you are following a diet, eating small amounts of cho co pai is still not a serious problem.

Some useful tips below will help you still enjoy the delicious, sweet taste of Chocolate Chocopie without worrying too much about weight issues.

  • Do not eat cake instead of the main meal, especially breakfast.

  • You should only eat cake during light meals, do not eat cake after 7:00 p.m

  • You already know how many calories a chocolate cake has, so you can only eat a maximum of 2 cakes at a time. You should only eat 1-2 times a month.

  • If you are on a diet, only eat 1 cake on the day of fasting

  • You can eat cake with non-calorie drinks such as green tea or unsweetened coffee to neutralize the sweetness, creating a feeling of fullness so you don't continue eating cake.

Is eating a lot of Chocopies good?

Not only Chocopies, any type of sweets, if eaten in large quantities, are not beneficial to health. Each Chocopie contains a lot of sugar (about 12g). Therefore, if you eat a lot, it will increase cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and increase the risk of diabetes.

Along with that, the high calorie content of Chocopie cake will make you gain weight and become obese if you snack too much. Some people think that with such high calories, they can use Chocopies to gain weight. But does eating Chocopie make you fat?

Absolutely yes. If you want to gain weight, add a small amount of Chocopies to your snack menu. Remember to divide your meals into small portions so that the digestive system can function better. However, if you want your body to gain weight healthily, you must combine it with many different nutritious foods along with exercise. Snacking, especially sweets, is never good!


Above is Toshiko's answer to the question of whether eating Chocopies makes you fat. Hopefully our sharing will help you know how to use this food properly to avoid affecting your figure!

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