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Download the logo of the wounded soldier badge Vector File CDR AI PDF PNG file sharing Logo Invalids Badge Vector File CDR AI PDF PNG

What is a wounded soldier? War invalids are people in the armed forces, including soldiers and people's police, who have fought, served in the resistance war, defended the Fatherland, fought against crime, bravely performed special tasks difficult or dangerous situation, for the benefit of the State, the people, or performing international obligations... but having a working capacity decrease of 21% or more, granted by a competent agency or unit." War invalids certificate” and “Invalids badge” in one of the following cases:

Fight or directly serve in combat; captured by the enemy, tortured, still refused to submit, resolutely fought, leaving physical injuries; international obligations; fight against crime; courageously perform urgent and dangerous jobs in service of national defense and security; bravely save people and property of the State and people; performing national defense and security tasks in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions

War invalids badge logo JPG
War invalids badge logo JPG

War invalids badge logo PNG
War invalids badge logo PNG

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Download Soldiers Badge Logo Vector File CDR AI PDF PNG


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