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How to view any Youtube channel's income and analyze detailed data

Instructions on how to view any YouTube channel's income, check revenue, views, and subscriptions daily and weekly. Share other people's estimated YouTube revenue and revenue website.

Website to view YouTube income
Website to view YouTube income


As the title of the article suggests, the article was created with the purpose of showing you how to view the income of any Youtube channel. You will be able to see what the average income of a youtube channel is. Total number of views and visits to YouTube channel per day, week and month.

From the collected data, you will make the best comments and the most accurate assessment when evaluating a certain Youtube channel. This is especially important for those who want to learn about this thousand-dollar money-making channel.

Or moreover, your goal is simply to satisfy your curiosity about a certain Youtuber, and find out how much their monthly income is. In general, know everything about channel analysis data.

How to see the income of any Youtube channel

Below I will give specific instructions on how to do it!

The method is quite simple, we just need to use a tool provided by a website. The website is called socialblade, this is an American website specializing in analyzing and ranking channels and pages on social networks such as Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram. . and especially Youtube.

Step 1: You access the YouTube channel address where you need to see income, for example channel then you just need to copy that link or @CachHayNhat or CachHayNhat

Step 2: You access the address and paste the copy in step 1 of the channel you want to see income into the search box and enter.

How to view any Youtube channel's income and analyze detailed data

Step 3: View information about income, channel creation date, views, YouTube channel rank and many other channel analytics

How to view any Youtube channel's income and analyze detailed data

In the picture, you can see some information about the channel as follows:

  • The channel was created on April 13, 2019 with the number of uploaded videos being 528 and 459,660 views.

  • The number of subscribers is 1,480

  • The channel is ranked 3125 in Vietnam.

  • Estimated monthly revenue ranges from $22 to $349. This income is for reference only

  • In the past month, CachHayNhat achieved 87,247 views.

See more below, you can see daily analysis information about this youtube channel. Information about the number of daily views and corresponding revenue achieved.

How to view any Youtube channel's income and analyze detailed data

Moving items you can see more future predictions of youtube channel, detailed statistics, featured box, similar channels, user videos, number of live subscribers, achievements..

A bit of interesting information for those who are curious about how much money Youtubers can earn a month. You just need to spend a little time to check information about a certain YouTube channel, see how much money they earn, how many daily views they have, number of subscriptions...

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