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Latest VPBank logo vector file CDR AI PDF PNG share the latest Logo set of Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VPBank) Vector file CDR (corel draw) AI (illustrator) PDF PNG... Latest VPBank logo file original standard vector file used for print design, engraving cut.

Latest VPBank logo vector file

logo VPBank
logo VPBank

On April 4, 2022, Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VPBank) officially announced the rebranding, aiming to become the leading private bank in Vietnam committed to realizing the mission "For a Vietnam is prosperous”. The repositioning strategy marks a new development milestone for the bank and affirms VPBank's commitment to serve the country.

In its nearly 30-year development history, this is the second time VPBank has re-branded. The first time was in 2010 with the change of name from Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Non-State Enterprises of Vietnam to Joint Stock Commercial Bank of Vietnam Prosperity.

With the new positioning, VPBank's brand statement will be changed from "Action for dreams" to "For a prosperous Vietnam". That mission will be gradually realized by VPBank through many key programs and projects focusing on four values: Financial Prosperity - Community Prosperity - Physical Prosperity and Spiritual Prosperity.

Specifically, VPBank will provide customers with comprehensive financial solutions, smart financial consumption trends, and flexible and effective support packages. Consumer finance solutions will help low-income people have conditions and motivation to improve their lives. Services for middle-class customers (VPBank Prime) and priority customers (VPBank Diamond) not only bring more versatile financial solutions, but also help create a strong breakthrough for customers to conquer. many important goals in life. For businesses, VPBank becomes not only a companion but also an effective "financial lever" that lifts businesses to greater success.

Meaning of VPBank logo

In 2010, VPBank launched a new brand identity with the image of Hoa Thinh Vuong representing a new business strategy and starting the innovation journey. During the development process, VPBank has achieved certain results and achievements affirming its position in the market of Finance - Banking industry. Not only stopping at the current successes, VPBank will also develop further with the goal in the following years to become the Top 3 most valuable banks in Vietnam. 2021 as a milestone opening a new stage of VPBank. That's why VPBank's brand identity image was changed to match the brand's orientation and vision.

logo VPBank
logo VPBank

From the name Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank, VPBank changed its brand promise to become "For a Prosperous Vietnam" towards a higher mission, associated with the national stature. VPBank has been and will be - accompanying every prosperous journey of each customer, shareholder, employee and community. Prosperity with VPBank will be expressed through 4 aspects: Financial, spiritual, community, and physical.

The flower symbol "Prosperity" and the logo cluster are refined according to the golden ratio with the combination of 2 square and round shapes - symbolizing the combination of people and technology.

The red color of the prosperity flower is preserved because this is the typical image of the brand, the iconic image of VPBank and spreading the colors of national aspiration. VPBank still uses the traditional green color but has been refreshed and added a new gradient blue color symbolizing the modern rhythm of life and technology.

VPBank logo PNG green text
VPBank logo PNG green text

VPBank logo PNG white text
VPBank logo PNG white text

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