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Which Printer Is Best In The Low Cost Laser Printer Segment ?

Printer is an indispensable device in offices, schools, companies and in families. Printers play an important role in promoting people's work progress as well as creating more convenience in work. So when choosing to buy a printer, what to pay attention to, which printer products are the best today? This article evaluates the Top 5 printer products in the low-cost segment. We will help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Which Printer Is Best In The Low Cost Laser Printer Segment ?

Review of the best printers today

Issues of top concern such as printer price, print quality, printer speed or duplex printing capability, ink replacement cost or Wi-Fi connection... will be fully covered in the content sections. content below.

Top 5 Best Cheap Printers For Home/Small Office

In the segment of low-cost printer products, many single-function laser text printers (black and white A4 printing) are product lines that are of great interest to many people. And based on the comparison and evaluation of many different product lines, here are the Top 5 best printer products for home and small offices.

The leading and most popular brand is Canon. However, other brands like Brother, HP, Fuji Xerox also have very quality products. These product lines have the common feature of being quite affordable. Besides, the cost of ink cartridges is also quite cheap. When using these products and the ink runs out, you should call the ink refilling services. This will save you up to 70% of the cost compared to buying ink cartridges (new cartridges).

Distinguish types of laser printers, dot matrix printers, inkjet printers

There are several different types of printers on the market today. Each type has certain advantages. The following section will help you distinguish these three types of printers. For normal home and office jobs, printing documents will use a Laser printer. This is the best printer for black and white printing, text printing. Dot matrix printers (rarely used) or inkjet printers (photo prints) are not usually used for common office tasks.

What is a laser printer?

If we talk about the principle of operation, it will be quite complicated. But you can imagine that these printer products use laser technology in the printing process. When the machine is working, documents or images will be converted by the printer's microprocessor into operations that project lasers onto a rotary unit. This rotator can be connected to ink to print text/images on paper pages.

Advantages: Laser printers have fast printing speeds and produce beautiful, sharp and clear prints. This laser printing technology offers extremely high accuracy. As a result, when it is necessary to print documents for storage and later review, the quality is still guaranteed, so it will not be blurred for a long time. This quality is thanks to the laser printer that uses fusing ink.

Cons: The downside of laser printers is that they only serve basic printing needs. For example, printers used in offices and homes only print on paper. Inkjet printers, for example, can print on a variety of materials.

The most popular black and white printer products today are laser printers thanks to their precise technology and cheap product prices. If buying for home or office use, you will also choose laser printer products because of its economy. On the contrary, if you have a need for color printing, photo printing, inkjet printer products will promote its advantages.

What is an inkjet printer?

Inkjet printers work on the principle of quickly spraying tiny ink particles onto the surface of the paper to shape the way the pixels are printed on the paper. The machine is designed to spray extremely small ink jets, so that on the paper the image or text created is very sharp. This inkjet printing technology is still widely applied in photo printers and color printers.

Advantages: Inkjet printers are very flexible and can print all kinds of different documents such as charts, drawings, surveys. In addition, the printer can print on many materials such as plain paper or fabric.

Máy in phun được sử dụng nhiều trong in ảnh, in màu

Inkjet printers are widely used in photo and color printing

Cons: The print speed of inkjet printers is not as high as laser printer products. If performing color print jobs, the speed will be even lower. So if you print many documents at once, it will take a while, not to mention the quality of the print will also decrease. In addition, Inkjet printers are quite expensive, so if you use them often and print a lot, the cost of replacing ink will also be quite significant. If buying a printer, the first choice is cheap laser printer products to print documents. And inkjet printers you only use when printing photos.

What is a dot matrix printer?

This is a printer with a long history. This type of printer works on the principle of using a needle to dot ink, and then back into a white page for ink to appear. Currently, this type of printer is no longer popular and is only used in specialized jobs that laser or inkjet printers cannot use.

How does a photo printer work?

Most color printers today can print color documents or images. But image quality will greatly depend on ink quality. If the ink supply for the machine has many colors, the image will be more realistic and sharp.

That's why there are many photo printers and mini photo printers on the market today. Photo printers are essentially inkjet printers, but are designed to be able to print quality on smooth glossy paper for better photo quality.

máy in ảnh

A product of Canon's mini photo printer

As specialized product lines, photo printers are not capable of printing office documents. One more thing you should know is that printing photos with a photo printer at home is often more expensive than bringing photos out to rent. Therefore, photo printers are not often used today.

Experience choosing to buy genuine cheap printers

Here are the most important issues when you choose to buy a printer. A good printer product must meet your usage needs. Especially issues related to quality, print speed, automatic two-sided printing on demand, or versatile wifi connectivity.

Print speed

If you don't account for print speed, you may soon have to buy a new machine. To consider choosing the right print speed, you need to evaluate whether you usually print more or less? How many pages of documents should be printed per day? And especially every time you print a document, is it a long document file or just a few pages?

How do you know if the machine is capable of printing fast or slow? The PPP (Pages-Per-Minute) parameter, which translates to the number of pages printed per minute, is the criterion you need to pay attention to. For example, the HP Laser Jet Pro M102W has a print speed of 22 pages per minute. This is the most common parameter when you choose to buy printer products for office and home use. The average speed in good, cheap printer products today is about 20 pages-30 pages per minute.

Sometimes you will come across the CPP (Characters-Per-Minute) parameter which represents the number of characters the printer can print in one minute. If it is a photo printer, this parameter will be recorded IPP (Images-Per-Minute), which translates to the number of images printed in a minute.

Print quality

To know if a printer can produce sharp, clear, easy-to-read text or print vibrant graphics, you need to understand the printer's resolution. This parameter measures the number of points that the printer can print per square inch (Dots-Per-Inch), abbreviated as DPI. The higher the DPI, the better the printer will print quality text.

With laser printers and general purpose inkjet printers, you will often encounter resolutions of 600 x 600 dpi / 1200 x 1200 dpi. Many people in short will say that the machine has a resolution of 1200DPI / a machine with a resolution of 600DPI. The higher the print resolution machines, the better the quality, the price will also be more expensive than the low resolution printers.

máy in

With a color printer you will need to pay more attention to the resolution

For the purpose of buying your printer to simply print text and monochrome documents, a machine with a resolution of 600 x 600 is enough. 600 DPI resolution can be considered as standard resolution. And even cheap printer products support this resolution.

Wifi connection

A printer with a wifi connection will allow you to print documents from a mobile device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone over a wireless network. This will bring a lot of convenience to you, right? Currently on the market, new product lines tend to be fully equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. As a result, it can meet the needs of normal document printing, with a moderate frequency for home or office.

kết nối wifi

The printer needs a Wifi connection to be easy to use

However, if you buy a machine that supports the wifi feature, it should be noted that the print job will be a bit slower than if you use a USB cable. Because the machine needs to take a few seconds to transfer data from the smart mobile device to the printer, while if the cable is used, you press 1 button and the machine receives the command almost immediately.

But it is clear that its advantages are great, and with Wifi-connected printer products, many people can share the printer very easily without having to go through the LAN or plug it directly into the USB port. of the printer. Only thing, most of the best-selling low-cost printer products today were started to be produced a few years ago and quite a few lines support this function.

Number of paper trays

Typically, printers are designed to handle A4-size papers, so their trays will be designed for this type of paper. However, with diverse printing needs, many documents may need to be printed on a different paper size such as A3, or, printed on envelopes or thicker paper. If you have these needs, you will need printer products with a multi-purpose tray.

In addition, each type of machine will hold a different amount of paper, usually, if purchased for small and medium-sized offices, the type with a standard paper tray that holds 250 pages is enough. Of course, if the machine is designed with a large paper tray, it will be more convenient when you need to print multiple stacks of documents at the same time, because you will not have to add paper continuously for the machine.

máy in

Multi-tray printers are more expensive than single-tray printers

And if you need to print many different types of paper. For example, sometimes you need to print beautiful paper, and when you need to print plain paper, you should choose a machine with two paper trays. Then you can put two different types of paper in two trays and when printing, you can select the paper tray through quite easy operation on the computer.

How much does the printer cost?

The price of printer products is quite diverse from about more than 1 million to high-end printer products that can be up to tens of millions of each. The cheaper the printer, the more limited its features will be. Currently, for about 1.5-3 million, you can already buy printers that meet the needs of printing quality documents and documents. Many of the best-selling Canon printers on the market today are priced at about VND 2–3 million.

If you only buy for personal use for a long time to need to print without having to go to the store, or buy for a small office with few people, a printer at this price range is relatively suitable. If you have more complex needs such as automatic two-sided printing, you will need a slightly larger budget investment. Printer products in the low-cost segment today are mainly single-sided printer products

Printer warranty and refilling

Along with paying attention to the parameters of resolution, print speed, and tray, the warranty is also quite important, sometimes we often forget or take it lightly. Printer products with good warranties can help you feel more secure during use. Depending on the manufacturer and printer model, the warranty period may vary slightly, but most printer models on the market today have warranties ranging from about 12 months to 2 years.

In addition to the warranty issue, ink is the biggest cost in the process of using the printer. If you print a lot (as in small businesses) then the cost of ink each year can be equivalent to the cost of the printer. For expensive printer products, you should buy genuine ink cartridges for the printer. As for cheap printers, you should call a technician to refill ink. Ink quality is worse but conversely you can save from 1/3 to more than half compared to buying genuine Cartridge.

Automatic duplex printing in

This is a very important function and will save you a lot of paper compared to a single-sided printer. However, printer products capable of duplex printing will also be more expensive than 1-sided printers. So which one to choose? The most important is still your printing needs. If you print often, continuously and print a lot, you should choose a double-sided model so that you don't have to manually flip the printing paper even though the price is a bit more expensive.

Which printer is best today?

Based on lots of analysis, comparisons as well as user research. Currently, the best cheap printer products in the popular segment for small offices or families are Canon printer products. In addition to Canon, Brother printer products or HP printers also have many quality product lines.

And the best quality printer product lines, worth buying, or best selling in the cheap and popular segment are evaluated and compared below. Please see the details of each product line and the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Through this section, we will help you answer the question of which printer is best for home or office.

1. Canon LBP2900 . laser printer

Canon LBP2900 printer is a printer product in the low-cost segment of Canon. The machine is capable of laser printing in black and white and does not possess many functions. However, the print quality is very good. The machine runs durable and has few errors, has a lifespan of many years.

That's why the Canon Laser LBP 2900 is so popular in offices and homes. Thanks to the low price and good quality, Canon LBP2900 is one of the best-selling cheap printer products today. If your printing needs are quite simple, A4 printing, need a quality product that does not need a Wifi connection, then this is a sure choice that gives you peace of mind.

When operating, you do not have to wait impatiently to wait for the machine to start up, or to dry paper, just turn on the machine for about 3 seconds and the machine is already running. The machine gives extremely good data transfer performance via USB port, it only takes a few seconds for the machine to start printing after you type the print job.

Canon LBP2900 printer uses Cartridge 303. This ink is easy to find, because there are many places to buy it, so you don't have to worry if the printer runs out of ink, you can't find a place to buy it. In addition, the Canon Laser LBP 2900 has a shorter U-shaped paper path design, so when printing, the machine is much less prone to paper jam errors than other machines.

However, the machine also has limitations as the print speed is only 12 pages / 1 minute, suitable for families, but in offices with many users, it may be a bit slow.

Máy in Canon LBP2900
Máy in Canon LBP2900

In addition, this is a fairly basic product line of Canon, so there is no Wifi connection function. So if you share it with a desktop computer and you don't need to move the printer often, that's okay. If you need to print over Wifi, you may need to see more products below.

2. Duplex Brother HL-L2321D . Laser Printer

In terms of brand, Brother printers are not as popular as Canon printers. The main reason is probably the stability of the product. Canon printers have always been rated as durable and extremely stable.

In contrast, for the same price of a Canon printer product, you can own outstanding features in other printer brands. This Brother HL-L2321D Duplex printer series is a prime example.

Like many other Brother printers, this Brother HL-L2321D Laser printer allows you to print 2-sided automatically. When printing, the machine will automatically reverse to print both sides. As a result, you will save a lot of time compared to 1-sided printer products that need to manually flip the paper.

The Brother HL-L2321D printer has a 250-sheet input tray design. The output tray can hold up to 100 sheets, meeting the continuous printing needs of small and medium offices. Or for family use, this capacity is very comfortable. In terms of resolution, this product supports a very high resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi. Of course, you can still set a lower resolution to suit your needs and also to save more ink.

Máy in Brother HL-L2321D
Máy in Brother HL-L2321D

In addition, there is another advantage of this Brother HL-L2321D Duplex Laser printer product line, which is very economical in ink. With the Brother TN-2385 genuine toner cartridge, you can print up to 2,600 pages. The price of this product is also quite cheap, about 2 million VND. However, in this Brother HL-2321D printer, there is still a disadvantage that the machine does not support Wifi connection.

3. Canon LBP 6030 . Printer

Canon LBP 6030 Printer has a resolution of 600x600 DPI and is also a low-cost printer product line from Canon. With this resolution the machine does not meet the high quality requirements for publication prints but is very comfortable for general printing jobs.

The machine meets the needs of normal printing in offices, schools, or in the home. Although it is a cheap printer product line, the printing speed of the Canon 6030 printer is quite good, reaching about 18 A4 pages per minute.

Máy in Canon LBP6030
Máy in Canon LBP6030

In the segment of less than 2 million, you probably can't expect more features in this product. This is a basic printer product that meets the needs of ordinary text printing. Regarding connectivity, the Canon 6030 printer also only has a USB connection. On the contrary, thanks to few features, this printer product is very compact.

4. HP PRO M130A Laser Printer

Office jobs often need additional features such as Copy, Scan. And if you're looking for a low-cost printer with these functions, this HP Laser Jet Pro M130A all-in-one printer is a worthy candidate.

The HP Laser Jet Pro M130A printer is a monochrome laser printer with printing, copying or scanning features suitable for office jobs. The machine has a pretty good print speed, reaching 22 pages per minute. The basic resolution of 600 x 600 dpi ensures print quality that is good enough for everyday tasks.

The plus point is that the machine uses ink technology called Jet Intelligence, which is capable of reducing ink waste, as well as saving energy, so it helps to print faster and get more pages than other ink types.

Máy in HP Laser Jet Pro M130A
Máy in HP Laser Jet Pro M130A

In terms of connectivity, this is still a rather limited product line, with only a single USB 2.0 port for direct connection to the computer. Therefore, if you need to share, it will sometimes be quite inconvenient. Or you have to install a separate computer just to use with the printer for everyday office work.

5. HP Laser Jet Pro M102W . Printer

HP Laser Jet Pro M102W is also a suitable printer for small office or home. The machine has a print speed of 22 pages per minute, with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi, helping to meet basic printing needs with good print quality. Along with that, thanks to JetIntelligence printing technology, the machine can increase the number of prints per cartridge, while saving power.

In addition, if you are looking for a Laser printer that can connect to mobile devices, the HP Laser Jet Pro M102W is worth your consideration. Because this machine supports printing via Google Cloud Print 2.0, and Wifi. Thanks to that, you can operate remotely easily as well as save printing time. With the feature of connecting and printing via Wifi, this is a product line that brings comfort and convenience to use.

Máy In HP Laser Jet Pro M102W
Máy In HP Laser Jet Pro M102W

Finally, HP LaserJet Pro M102w G3Q35A is equipped with automatic on / off technology when connecting a USB port, helping you save costs as well as protect the surrounding environment. The downside is that this HP product line also does not support automatic two-sided printing.

6. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P225db Duplex Printer

Fuji Xerox is the next brand with low-cost, quality printer product lines. The Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P225db Duplex series is an automatic 2-sided printer product. The Fuji Xerox Docuprint P225db printer is equipped with 32MB of memory, helping it to execute print jobs quickly and efficiently. Print speed is very good at 26 pages per minute.

In addition to the main paper input tray that supports A4-size drawer with a capacity of up to 250 sheets, the machine also has a versatile printing slot for thick paper, hard paper, or envelopes. The paper tray of the machine is arranged in the upper cover with a capacity of 100 sheets, which is very comfortable to use.

In terms of print quality, the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P225db Duplex printer has a maximum resolution of 2400 x 600 DPI. With this print quality, the machine very well meets the needs of text printing in the home as well as office work.

 Máy In Máy in Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P225db
Máy In Máy in Fuji Xerox DocuPrint P225db

Although a fairly complete product, this is a product line that still does not have a Wifi connection. Therefore, when using to print, you can only connect to the computer via a USB cable.

Should I buy a used printer?

In addition to the above printer product lines, on the market today, old Canon printer products are still quite popular. Buy a used printer and you will get high-end functions at a fairly affordable price. However, old printer products always come with many risks in terms of product quality.

There are products that are still very good, but there are also many products that are bought very quickly and are damaged. So if you buy a used printer, the first thing to pay attention to is the seller's reputation as well as the warranty period. If you decide to buy used printer products, here are good printer products that you should refer to.

 Thị trường máy in cũ có nhiều dòng giá rẻ
Thị trường máy in cũ có nhiều dòng giá rẻ

1. Canon LBP 3500 Printer (Printing A4, A3)

Canon 3500 printer is one of Canon's quite old models, but still in use today. This is a very specialized line of desktop black and white printers. The machine can print on many different paper types and sizes such as: B4, A4, A4, B5, A5, Legal, letterhead, executive, envelope, index Card. The most prominent is the ability to print on A3 paper of this product.

The Canon 3500 printer has a print speed of 25 ppm with the A4 version, and 15 ppm with the A3 version. The machine has a maximum resolution of 2400×600, with automatic image filtering technology, so the canon laser shot LBP3500 printer can produce very quality monochrome printed manuscripts such as graphs, charts, documents. Whether.

In addition, Canon 3500 Printer also allows transferring data from computer to printer at very fast speed, thanks to the machine also uses Canon's advanced printing technology (CAPT), along with Hi-ScoA intelligent compression technique. enables compression of print data to a smaller size.

Máy in Canon Laser Printer LBP 3500
Máy in Canon Laser Printer LBP 3500

One more thing, Canon 3500's professionalism is also in the design of many paper trays including: standard 250-sheet cassette, PF-67 up to 500 sheets, 100-sheet multi-purpose tray and 2 output trays. 250 sheets face-down, 50-sheet paper output behind the printer.

2. Canon LBP 1210 . Printer

In the segment of old printer products, the Canon LBP 1210 printer is also a product line you can consider buying for use. This is a basic and cheap product line, not a specialized printing product line like the Canon LBP 3500. So the price of the old machine is also quite cheap.

Canon LBP 1210 printer has a resolution of 2400 x 600dpi, for beautiful and sharp print quality. The machine has a printing speed not very fast, 14 sheets / minute. However, the speed of the machine also differs slightly from time to time depending on the size of the paper being printed, the amount of paper printed.

Máy in Canon LBP 1210
Máy in Canon LBP 1210

In addition, like some models of other Canon laser printers, the machine also has popular printing technologies of this company such as: CAPT 2.1 technology to help print faster, or Hi-SCon technology, which can compress print data. into a smaller size. The machine can also produce the first print within the first second of operation. Finally, if there is any damage, Canon 1210 is also quite easy to find parts to replace, and the price of components is also cheap, so it is not difficult to repair when the machine has a problem.

3. Canon LBP 3300 . Printer

Canon LBP 3300 printer is one of the stable, good print quality, stable printing speed that can meet the printing needs of an office. Canon 3300 printer can start printing very quickly, just under 10 seconds the machine has produced the first print. The printer's print speed reaches up to 21 pages per minute.

This is also a black and white printer product line with a very high resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi, making the printout very easy to see and read. In particular, this machine also prints 2-sided automatically, so you can save a lot of paper with Canon 3300. When you need to print 2-sided, you just need to perform 2-sided printing and the machine will automatically number the page order. even and odd, so you won't have to worry about the printer printing the wrong page order.

Máy in Canon LBP3300
Máy in Canon LBP3300

The next advantage is that the ink cartridge designed for Canon 3300 is quite large, so it also helps a lot in saving time or ink. In addition, the machine has spare parts and components that are also easy to replace and repair, so when the machine malfunctions, it is easier to repair.

So which printer is best?

Hopefully, the detailed content of the article on choosing to buy the best cheap printer here has helped you get the answer as to which cheap printer to buy for home or office work. If you have a large budget, of course expensive models of over 5 million to tens of millions will give you versatility in use. But with limited budgets and basic text printing needs, the printer product lines this article mentions will certainly meet very well.

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