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Why Does Nose Run When It's Cold?

Why does my nose run in cold weather? When it's cold, many people have a runny nose and a lot of water, especially those with sinusitis. Although this condition causes discomfort, it is very necessary for the body.

But why do people often encounter this situation when winter comes? Let's find out below!

Why does my nose run when it's cold?

According to scientists, this is one of the typical signs that your body has caught a cold or the body is cold and needs to be warmed up immediately.

According to Science Alert, about 50-90% of people have a runny nose when it's cold. This condition, in particular, can be more frequent and severe for people with asthma, flu, or eczema.

Nasal discharge often comes out when it's cold in response to protect the body.

You may not know, in addition to breathing and filtering bacteria, the nose also has the main task of warming and humidifying the air flow. In order to avoid the cells in the lungs from being stimulated by external factors, the nose performs this task.

In addition, cold air in the cold winter weather when passed through the nasal cavity will be warmed to 26 degrees Celsius - 30 degrees Celsius and no matter how dry the humidity outside is, it will be moistened through the nose. to 100%.

In general, the nose is one of the body parts that must work at full capacity so that the air flow to the lungs is the best quality, helping the body to function healthy and supple.

So why does a runny nose when it's cold?

In the cold season, the humidity in the air is usually very low, only about 30-50%. If you want to warm this air before it enters the lungs, the nerves inside the nose will be stimulated to send signals to the brain. Thanks to that, new moisture is increased to the nasal cavity, so that the new air is humidified effectively.

When this mucus is secreted too much, it will drain out

At the same time, in order for the air to move smoothly, the nose is also ordered to produce more fluid. According to experts' estimates, every day we need up to 300-400ml of nasal discharge when the humidification mechanism is active.

Why does my nose run when it's cold?

Therefore, when this mucus is secreted too much, it will be drained. Although you don't like this reaction, especially when having to carry a paper blown nose is extremely inconvenient, it is believed to be a reaction to protect the body.

Moreover, there are many causes of runny nose in the cold season such as allergies, colds. Therefore, if you find that your nose is running too much with a stuffy nose, you should visit your doctor to check your health.

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