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21 Creative Ideas For Corporate Stage Design

Do you need some fresh inspiration for corporate stage design? Is it time you discovered a new approach to that annual conference or joint session? Yes? Then you are lucky! We searched the globe for a list of creative corporate stage design ideas worth checking out! Just scroll through to see images and tips to inspire your next corporate event.

1. IBM Impact Conference

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

With approximately 18,000 attendees at the IBM Impact Conference, every aspect of the event must attract huge crowds. That's why event organizers chose to create a multi-dimensional set with a series of screens layered across the stage. The organizers assign each conference theme one color. So, with this innovative corporate stage design, it is possible to transform the set of photos with the lights and images on the screen according to the color specified for each theme. This is high energy multimedia at its best!

2. AT&T Developer Summit

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

What happens when a big name needs to bolster their industry stature? They turned to events to overhaul their summit with more uniform branding and an emphasis on innovation. That's what Freeman did for the AT&T Developer Summit. And the result? A huge impact.

Consistency is the priority here, as you can see from their impressive corporate stage design. Everything from the curved stage to the round rugs, backdrops and ceiling fixtures features the signature AT&T Developer Conference logo on the screen. The right balance of bold colors invigorates, without overstimulating the senses.

3. Annual seminar on life science faculty and teaching

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

For a corporate stage design that reflects conference themes, look no further than the Life Science Instructors and Trainers Annual Meeting. Aspects of the Arizona landscape and the technology theme of LTEN were the inspiration for this beautiful setting, because of the location of the event.

Background elements are layered as waved panels that combine to create a representation of the Grand Canyon. The set also plays with different textures and patterns through the circuit boards and uses a triple widescreen display for presentation as Arizona is a hub of technology development. Color washes illuminate the stage and saturate intense colors that emphasize many textures. Blue, pink and yellow created a sunset desert color palette that is nothing less than stunning.

4. Forbes Women's Summit

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

At the Forbes Women's Summit, four C-suite leaders participated in a panel titled Builders: Shaping the Future of Work Today. Intent or not, the context of the wood panel perfectly matches the name of this board. The rustic backdrop paired with modern furniture creates a clean yet comfortable presence, while the wood paneling and greenery have an eco-friendly feel.

You don't notice the wooden rear curtains at first, but the purple light adds color and a warm glow to the set, without overshadowing the speaker's panel. This is not a highly technical corporate stage design, but it is effective nonetheless. Perfect inspiration if you're looking for cost-effective staging for your next corporate event.

5. Sony E3 2012 Press Conference

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Now, we move into large-scale production with the Sony E3 2012 Press Conference. By using a variety of traditional 16:9 displays and square screens, with some placed in front, while others otherwise drawn, this creates a great sense of dimension. Instead of a wide stage raised on a single level, there is a raised section in the middle that makes the speaker seem like he is among the audience who can help the participants.

Press play to see an impressive display of projection mapping interlaced with video. While you may not be working on a budget that allows you to create something impactful, you can get inspired to incorporate these elements on a smaller scale.

6. RECon Asia Pacific Conference 2017

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

RECon is the largest global gathering of retail real estate professionals. You can see their staging is quite conventional; a large backdrop with the conference logo in plain view, supported by a screen on either side to display the content.

But, what stands out is their use of light to convey changing moods. Using different colors and even changing the direction of the light beams helped create many dramatic effects. To enhance it further, they also used color washes all over the stage and walls. Note that more dramatic lighting has been used for guests arriving and during dinner, with the ambient blue wash used during the conference sessions.

7. ICA (International Cotton Association) Trade Event 2016

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

The 2016 ICA Trade Event was a celebration of ICA's 175th birthday. Fittingly, a custom-built 40x7m stage set provided a backdrop for stunning projection mapping. This displays a story of the past 185 years in the cotton industry. Looking at the dramatic change from the black and white projections to the bright colors of the poppy fields makes you feel like you really are among them.

Blue and violet light on the stunning architecture adds a sense of drama while highlighting the site's best features - the Titanic hotel in Liverpool.

8. MariaDB Technology Workshop 17

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Consistent branding and clean lines are critical to an enhanced conference experience at MDB 17 in New York. Layering bold colors and patterns created a corporate design aesthetic that also has a sense of depth. A transparent speaker platform with a brand banner is ideal so as not to lose sight of the bold backdrop.

A screen placed on the side of the stage displays the content while allowing speakers to be front and center. Consistency certainly doesn't mean dull here. What stands out overall is a bright and uplifting vibe to energize attendees.

9. Pivot Summit

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Pivot Summit is a technology-focused business event in Geelong, Australia. So the decorative staging features used here are a good choice. They are like the building blocks that give Tetris or molecules. Aside from the unique shapes, the bold 3D logo and colors do wonders to deliver this staging. This is a great platform to use whenever you're planning a corporate event.

Keeping the decorative features white makes sense for creating a contrast between them and the colored light. Placing the widescreen monitor above the stage, rather than to the side, helps to continue directing the audience's eyes to the front and center (whether they're sitting close or towards the back.)

10. TTI . Success Insights Conference

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

The TTI Success Insights needed to change the way their events were presented, but that meant being creative. It is essential that a space be easily reconfigured to host both general and breakout sessions. We also replicate the appearance of the session mains for breakout sessions. Attendees appreciate the consistency of quality as they move between sessions, and it helps maintain their energy.

Landscape fabrication panels placed at intervals between projection screens help maintain that consistency, with easy portability for changes in the room. A wash of blue light on the backdrop creates a great working environment for attendees. It feels luxurious but also sublime.

11. In good company conference

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Now we move on to a smaller but equally beautiful corporate stage design, for the In Good Company Conference. The overall design combines living room-like comfort with elements of nature - a breath of fresh air. The simple all-white backdrop accentuates the conference without any distractions.

Beautiful greenery camouflages the front and sides of the black stage and helps create a sense of happiness and balance. The furniture evokes a sense of intimacy, which is a perfect match for both the name and the conference purpose - for creative entrepreneurs who are women and mothers to connect.

12. Forca Dimec 2018

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creative temporary staging. A perfect example is this company's event in Brazil. Two purpose-built brick walls from EverBlock flank a wide curved screen to map video projection. Because the blocks can be disassembled and rebuilt for the next event or even to create something completely new, they are essentially a green building element. They're also a great choice for adding a sense of playfulness to a corporate event that could risk appearing too serious.

We love that blocks add color, texture and interest. But it's also about the contrast created between technology and physical objects.

13. VOICE Summit 2018

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

At this technology event, 3D decorative panels resembling computer motherboards were used. To highlight the innovative corporate stage design even more, the fabric backdrop, stage and even attendee furniture are all black.

3D lettering has always been loved because of its tangible nature. Also, since it's white, it can be projected to change color during the event. Large screens are placed on the side of each stage for optimal viewing, without sacrificing the design of the stage.

14. Event of the Ministry of Education - Republic of Maldives

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Since the event was to announce the completion of a commitment to a free preschool initiative, the childlike feeling towards the staging was the perfect choice.

One of the most innovative features at the event was the playful lighting on the ceiling. These projections are the same color as the bold theatrical panels. Due to the placement of the tables, along with bold images and a small amount of text, it makes them appear like the pages of a children's book.

15. Dubai Islamic Bank Gala Dinner Gala

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

This event makes our list because it's the perfect example of themeing with corporate stage design. Of course, magnificence and elegance are appropriate for a bank gala! Lights, screens, and 3D objects are all used as features that, when combined, are like a galaxy with a night sky and a central planet with rings.

The bright lights on each step reflect the glow of the rings, while drawing attention to the stage. We are amazed at the beams of light coming from the stage. They create a sense of inclusiveness - that the attendees are truly part of what's happening on stage.

16. Microsoft EDU Keynote

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

If you're looking for something completely different, with a lively feel, this is the one for you! After all, who says you have to do what everyone else is doing?

During the Microsoft EDU keynote, illustrator Hyesu Lee created an illustration using Microsoft Surface Pro. It is projected live on the screen that becomes the backdrop for the session. Because of this colorful and attention-grabbing backdrop, it is essential that the rest of the corporate stage design does not compete for the audience's attention.

17. YAHOO! Partner Day at Levi's Stadium

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

The goal for this company's design phase was wow of the startup's super users, who were known for their appreciation of good design. In other words, the set needs to have an Insta! Here, we see that sleek and stylish, rather than garish, is more suitable for the audience. And a sense of symmetry is also essential.

Staggered panels add depth, while maintaining clean lines. The panels are also subtly shaded in different colors. A light stage is a nice change from the many black and dark gray rental decks we see.

18. UP Global

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

Don't make the mistake of thinking about the company and having to be someone else. UP Global showed an essential human element at their corporate event by using images of people as part of their stage backdrop. After all, this is in line with UP Global's desire to support entrepreneurial communities. We think explicit references like these can be more effective than obscure ones. As you plan your next corporate event, think about the best way you can form a connection with your attendees - not just scream for them.

19. Turner's internal meeting

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

The Turner Internal Meeting introduces elements of corporate stage design that are radically different from the items on our other list. One standout feature is their custom built wooden hero wall. The SuperWall combo is then placed between the hero wall and the projection screen used to display both the image and the content. Notably, sections of the Comb SuperWall were also used around the rest of the venue, to mimic columns, for example.

With eye-catching features like these, it is essential then to strike a balance. And so a clear podium and gray stage let the scene take center stage.

20. PARP at the CeBIT IT fair in Hannover

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

For the world's largest information technology fair, the sleek and high-tech staging we saw in Hannover was the perfect fit. Stage screens function as both practical items for displaying content and decorative elements, thanks to their unique shapes and overlapping layouts. Color also plays an important role. The red and orange colors are trademarks, while the blue provides some relief. A variety of lights help create a dramatic multi-dimensional feel for the staging.

21. 2009 TOBY Award for Boma

Ý Tưởng Sáng Tạo Cho Thiết Kế Sân Khấu Doanh Nghiệp

What do you do when you need to create a beautiful award dinner on a budget? You create a user-friendly and reusable corporate stage design! For the client, the International Association of Owners and Managers (Boma), event sponsors created a wooden city skyline to build into a suite. They added to the effect by hiring Southern California native trees and using a gobo crafted into a representation of skyscraper windows to cast light onto the set.

LED lighting was chosen for its energy efficiency, to continue the eco-friendly design theme. But, it also allows for more color changes throughout the event and thus a more dynamic corporate stage design.

As you can see, there are many options for creative corporate stage design. Look at elements of dimension, texture, color or light. But in the end, you should choose what will best represent the event theme and the client's brand, while maintaining the energy of the attendees.

Did you find any corporate stage design inspiration here? What are you thinking about trying for your next corporate event?

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