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Thai ice cream roll - Fever at tourist attractions

Ice cream roll, also known as cold pan-fried ice cream, is a frozen dessert of Thai street food, made from milk, cream, and sugar as well as ice cream. Other ingredients added to enhance the taste. The liquid cream mixture is mixed well then poured into a cold flat-sided pan, and cooled to about −25 °C to −30 °C.

Thai ice cream roll
Thai ice cream roll

Once the stir-frying process is completed, using a flat shovel to smooth the liquid cream mixture, they are chilled to thicken in a thin shape. This is followed by scraping off the thin layers of ice cream with a shovel, rolling it up and placing them vertically in an ice cream cup, then topping the rolls with various condiments, such as peanuts, almonds or candy chips. The main style of ice cream roll is its roll shape.

This new style of ice cream from Southeast Asia has spread to the United States and Canada. Spreading from Montreal to Brooklyn, Los Angeles to Atlanta, the small ice cream parlors were packed with shoppers. In the UK, the first chains of ice cream rolls were Frew & Co and Kreemlicious Dessert Bar in London. Rolled ice cream became popular around the world starting in 2015.

The remarkable thing about Thai ice cream rolls is that with available ingredients, customers can ask the ice cream maker to create ice cream with decorative shapes and flavors as desired. There are hundreds of different flavors and decorations created. According to Tele Madrid, the Thai Scoops store opening in Madrid, Spain has 30 different ice cream roll combinations and their selected variations continue to be developed.

1. Origin of ice cream roll

The origin of Thai ice cream rolls dates back to the late 1990s, when street vendors in Phuket night markets made the dish entirely by hand. This frozen dessert broke out in Thailand in 2009, under the name "Thai roll ice cream" or "cold pan fried ice cream". Starting in Thailand as a popular street food enjoyed by many, ice cream rolls quickly spread to neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

Kem cuộn Thái Lan

Since 2015, in the United States this dessert has been popular, ice cream rolls are sold in large quantities at a variety of locations, called "I-Tim-Pad", "ice pan ice cream", " "rolled ice cream" or "ice cream rolls".

Ice cream rolls were introduced in the Philippines in 2015, thanks to a video of a man making ice cream rolls in 3 minutes and this video went viral on the internet. In the video, the process of "frying" and "rolling" the ice cream is detailed.

Videos similar to this one went viral and other countries started embracing the trend.

"The popular ice cream rolls right now have no preservatives. It's a way of making ice cream that started to spread to countries other than mainland Asia such as the United States, Bolivia, Brazil and Mexico, among others. ". - Alejandra Pereyra, owner of Sweet Rolls, press release, in Economix magazine, December 2017.

According to IBIS World, the Cold Stone Creamery franchise has developed their own brand of ice cream rolls around the world. It is a major brand in the $8 billion ice cream industry in the United States, according to IBIS World. Cold Stone Creamery sells ice cream rolls at more than 1,000 of its network locations in the United States and at hundreds of other locations worldwide.

2. Processing ice cream rolls

Cold baking equipment

The equipment used to make the ice cream rolls is a cold pan with a flat surface that is either electrically powered or cooled with liquid nitrogen, which can maintain a temperature of −30 degrees Celsius. The ice cream mixture placed on top will reach a temperature of −30 degrees Celsius. to freezing and freezing temperatures.

Other tools used include: spatula, tray, flat shovel (a pair), bowl.


Ingredients for making Thai ice cream rolls include the following main ingredients:

  1. Fresh cream: ~ 60 ml

  2. Whole milk: ~ 40 ml

  3. Sugar: ~ 15 grams

  4. Salt: 1 pinch

  5. Sugar candy color beads (multiple colors)

The proportions, volume and ingredients for making ice cream may vary slightly due to the habits and preferences of the maker and the customer. Another ingredient is usually oreo cake: 1/2 cake (oreo cake can be replaced with some other ingredients such as passion fruit, syrup, green tea, coffee powder, cheese,...).


Rolled cream is a combination of fresh milk ingredients and different additive ingredients, forming a mixture. First use a heatproof spatula to stir everything together. These key ingredients are all in liquid form, usually milk or soy milk, and come in flavors like chocolate, strawberry, kiwi, coconut, mint, litchi, tomato, avocado, french fries, meringue , mango, coffee, vanilla, banana,...

In addition to the base flavor, there are additional ingredients that can be added, such as fruit, cookies, and brownies.

Kem cuộn Thái Lan

Ice cream making process

How to make Thai ice cream roll includes the basic steps:

  • Step 1: Pour whole milk, sugar, salt and fresh cream into a pot, use a whisk to beat all the sugar, then put on the stove to heat this mixture, then let the mixture cool. Go.

  • Step 2: Pour the liquid mixture into the cold pan and add the oreo cake, then use two hands to hold two flat shovels to smooth the cake out.

  • Step 3: Continue to use a flat spatula to mix the cake with milk evenly and spread it around the pan. Cut the ice cream in even rows and roll each row with a shovel.

  • Step 4: Pick up each ice cream roll into a glass and can add a few thin slices of fruit on top to make the ice cream more flavorful, or simply put on a few slices of roasted almonds.

The process to create this frozen dessert takes an average of a minute and a half or two.

3. Reviews and receptions

Rolled ice cream is evaluated as having the main ingredient of milk mixed with ingredients that will create flavor for ice cream, in terms of freshness compared to industrial ice cream products, ice cream rolls have no preservatives or artificial flavors and use Use more natural fruit.

Thai ice cream rolls are considered ice cream dishes with very low cost of ingredients. High profit not less than 400-500 % per cup of ice cream. However, attention must be paid to choosing a business location.

Ice cream rolls are regularly sold at street festivals from New York City to Nashville, Tennessee. At Sweet Charlie, a store in Philadelphia, customers often queue and wait for more than two hours to be able to enjoy the ice cream rolls here. This dessert is popular not only children but also adults. Ordering is noted to take more than an hour in major metropolitan areas such as New York and Boston.

According to Usman Babar, business development manager for Chills 360 store in Deep Ellum, dinner-seekers wait up to two hours "pretty much every night". Despite the fact that ice cream rolls are an ice cream with a quick processing.

Orchid City Fusion Cafe owner Martin Doan of Arlington says he was the first to bring ice cream rolls to Dallas in May 2016. Since then, customers have come to him from far and wide to enjoy. , had customers driving from Oklahoma City, about 215 miles away, just to get to his store. As ice cream rolls started to become popular, customers were willing to stand in long lines at Carlo's Bakery, Heim BBQ and Shake Shack. Many people looking for this dessert are willing to wait in line.

A popular YouTube channel called Ice Cream Rolls is reported that this frozen dessert has been gaining popularity starting here. Millions of people watch the channel's latest videos every week.

The process of globalization has caused ice cream to be exported to North America and Latin America. Won Ihmel, general manager of Welbex SA, said in a 2007 article in the newspaper 'La Jornada' that in countries like Mexico and Brazil, there are many franchises to expand the ice cream market. roll.

In 2017, the ice cream roll won the Potenciate Gastronómico award, a contest involving 150 culinary businesses across Argentina in Buenos Aires, and received more than 300,000 pesos in prize money.

In countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, and Puerto Rico, there are similar variations of ice cream rolls such as those called "raspao" or "snowballs", consisting of ice cream or ice cream with flavored crushed ice. Taste and color with syrup, condensed milk or fresh fruit juice.

Louis Kim, the owner of Holy Roly Ice Cream in Los Angeles, which opened in 2017 and a second store in Arcadia, opened in June 2018 says that the trend of ice cream rolls will decline within a few years, Although more and more ice cream shops are opening everywhere, the general trend is that customers will get bored with this ice cream.

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