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Download Free Instagram Fonts Link Google Drive

The Instagram logo stands out among other popular social media apps, because it's very artistic and stands out from most generic corporate logos. This is why Instagram fonts are offered due to the high demand for an aesthetically pleasing, confusing font that can be used for real businesses. If you want to use the Instagram font for your base, you'll want to know how to download it so you can access it on Photoshop or MS Word and be able to draw the logo (using your own colors, of course). . The download and installation process is guided below.

It's the little things that make a big difference. If you have a bookstore and you are trying to sell books, a font of this type can make your bookstore more attractive. Let's say you've named your store History Books of Japan. If you are using a straight font to write a history book, it may not attract attention but if you use a cursive font like a history book (especially a nice of Instagram), your store will get more attention and sales. Analog fonts can be used digitally and custom printed/created in physical form for your facility.


The Instagram font is actually called “Billabong” and the font is available for free download (we'll show how to download and install it on your computer below). The Billabong font is free and it was designed for Instagram by a design company called Type Associates.


Billabong's Instagram font is available here. All you have to do is right click and Save

The same .ttf file will work on Windows and Mac OS. Fonts don't have to be installed as software, they just have to be pasted into the fonts folder on your OS. When you install Billabong, all programs that use the font (Microsoft Word, Photoshop, etc.) will make it available. Even if you have an option to install a font, it just copies the font to your fonts folder and you can do this manually in 2 seconds.


There are 2 ways to install fonts on your computer:


1.) Start by downloading the .zip file and extracting the font (Billabong.ttf). Right click on the zip file and click Unpack here to extract the .ttf font file. You can also select a location by pressing “Extract” to enter:

2.) Right click on the font file and press “Install”. This will automatically install the font in your Windows fonts folder and you're done!

Billabong Instagram fonts will now be available on all your favorite programs: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, you name it. Each program that uses the font for writing will automatically read your font and then the Billabong font will be there, making it available for immediate use.

For this demo, we will be writing using Adobe Photoshop. Notice how the Billabong font was available before the font dropdown:

You can obviously make further edits by adjusting the size, color, and other editing options.


If you don't want to hit “Install”, you can copy the font straight into your fonts folder. The fonts folder on Windows is located in My Computer > Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization > Fonts > Preview & Delete Fonts . This is the directory that lists all the fonts installed on your computer:

You can copy the font files directly in this folder and it will automatically install them. Billabong Regular announcements are available in the red area.

When copied, Windows automatically installs the font for you. The way it works is that software like Microsoft Office opens the Fonts folder where you have the fonts and then provides immediate access to the fonts on your editor.

Note: In the first step when you right click and press “Settings” Windows will automatically copy the Fonts to the Fonts folder as mentioned above. The only difference is that you do it by hand.


Instagram fonts are ideal for stores and food establishments. The difference this can make in your sales is astronomical. The Billbong font has an italic semantics to it, which means it's sideways and this makes it ideal for chic brick and mortar shops and restaurants. Here are some ideas for businesses and stores that can use the Billabog font:

  • Clothing store

  • Bookstore

  • Cafe

  • Restaurant

  • Vintage shop

  • Bicycle rental shop

  • Wood furniture manufacturer

  • Collection store

  • Real estate agency

  • Travel agency

To sum up - Why install Billabong

The little details in your logo say a lot about your business, and Billabong's Instagram fonts will help you sell your products better. This aesthetic font will make your business stand out and you will be able to attract more attention. The best part is that it's fully customizable based on the software you use, and you'll be able to use it in good old programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Office Suites.


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