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How to Find Fonts Through Images

Find fonts by pictures, how to find fonts by pictures

You come across loads of pictures with nice fonts on them. Those images can be advertisements, paintings, photographs or something else. Either way, it's not unusual to see a font you want on a photo.

The only problem is that you don't know what that font is called. There are various free tools you can use to identify that font. With the following applications, you will always be able to identify a font by an image.

How to Find Fonts Through Images

1. How to find fonts with WhatTheFont

One of the most popular ways to find fonts via web apps is WhatThe Font. With this application, there are some rules to follow such as making sure that the fonts in the image do not touch the edge, the height of the letters should be 100 pixels, and the text should be as horizontal as possible.

Once you've uploaded your image and typed in the font you want to define, the app will list the results on the left side of the next page. You will see the name of the font, an example of it, and the name of the creator. If you feel that you font those fonts are not quite right, the application will give you the option to consult an expert.

2. Find fonts with WhatFontis

First, we have WhatFontIs. It has a great tool for identifying fonts but one that you will need to subscribe to if you want to enjoy everything it has to offer. With the web app, simply upload an image with the font you want to define and click continue.

After specifying the fonts you want to recognize, the app will give you a list of matches. You can also use WhatFontIs as a Chrome extension if you want to identify fonts that are not present in the image.

Fonts by Appearance: The site asks you 13 questions about your font, then gives you a list of matches from a database of more than 11,000 styles. Typical questions include characters with serifs? And and what is the Dot shape on the question mark?

Fonts by name: If you know part of the font name, but you're not sure about the full name, the app will give you suggestions.

Font by similarity: If the unknown font is very similar to another font, enter a name and see which styles match. It is also a useful tool if you want to find (and use) a little-known font in your project that is similar to the main font.

Fonts by image: Tools that allow you to search for different fonts. You can even search by word - typing in Car, for example, will list all fonts including pictures of cars.

Designer fonts: Creating fonts is an art form. Like any art, certain creators have become famous - either because they have developed a unique style that is evident in all of their work or because they have created a number of classic primary fonts used today. If you love a font from a certain designer, enter their name to see what they've created.

Find fonts by pictures, how to find fonts by photos, how to find fonts on pictures

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