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People's Security Academy logo vector file CDR AI PDF PNG share set of People's Security Academy Logo Vector file CDR (corel draw) AI (illustrator) PDF PNG... Latest People's Security Academy logo file original standard vector file used for printing design, cutting notch.

People's Security Academy logo
People's Security Academy logo

Học viện An ninh nhân dân (T01) trực thuộc Bộ Công an có trách nhiệm đào tạo trình độ chuyên môn, nghiệp vụ và bồi dưỡng phẩm chất đạo đức, nhân cách của người cán bộ An ninh; nghiên cứu khoa học về An ninh nhân dân phục vụ cho yêu cầu phát triển kinh tế - xã hội.

People's Security Academy logo PNG
People's Security Academy logo PNG

History begin

On June 25, 1946, the Police Training School was established (According to Decree No. 215/ND-P2 of the Ministry of Home Affairs).

Names through the ages:

  • Police Training School (1946-1949)

  • Intermediate Police School (1949-1953)

  • Central Public Security School (1953-1974)

  • School of Security Officers (1974-1981)

  • University of People's Security (1981-2001)

  • Academy of People's Security (2001-present).


The authorities

  • Academy Office

  • Organization and staff

  • Department of Party Affairs and Political Work

  • Department of Training Management and Advanced Training

  • Department of Testing and Training Quality Assurance

  • Student Administration Department

  • Scientific Research Management Department

  • International Cooperation Department

  • Logistics Department

  • Archives and Library Center

  • Institute of Security Science

Faculties and subjects:

  • Political Theory, Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Department of Psychology

  • Military - Martial Arts - Sports

  • Department of Basic Movement 1

  • Department of Basic Movement 2

  • Department of Basic Movement 3

  • Department of Basic Movement 4

  • Department of Basic Movement 5

  • Department of Basic Movement 6

  • Department of Basic Movement 7

  • Faculty of Law

  • Foreign language departments

  • Center for Foreign Languages - Informatics

  • Vocational training centers

  • research Center


In 1975, the Second Class Victory Medal;

In 1985, the Second Class Military Merit Medal;

In 1989, the Second Class Independence Medal;

In 1996, the Order of Ho Chi Minh; Military Merit Medal, Second Class;

In 1998, the Labor Medal, First Class of Lao PDR;

In 2001, the title of "Hero of the People's Armed Forces in the Doi Moi period"; Third Class Victory Medal; Third-class Labor Medal;

In 2005, the Order of Friendship of the Lao PDR;

In 2006, Ho Chi Minh Medal (second time);

In 2010, the third-class Labor Medal;

In 2011, Gold Star Medal;

In 2015, the title "Hero of the people's armed forces in the period of resistance war against the US to save the country"

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