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Top 10 largest airlines in the world

CachHayNhat - Apart from the Internet, no other invention brings the world closer together than the airplane. There is currently no other mode of transportation to get you from A to B by plane faster and safer. Planes allow you to travel our Earth in no more than a day. And air travel has never been more popular. By 2020, the number of civil flights carried out worldwide is expected to reach more than 40 million. Therefore, it is not surprising that the global aviation industry is also doing very well. In fact, this multi-billion dollar industry is one of the biggest markets out there. And also one of the most competitive. The following ranking shows you the current Top 10 Largest Airlines in the World by revenue achieved last year.

Top 10 largest airlines in the world
Top 10 largest airlines in the world

An airline's revenue is strongly correlated with the number of passengers it carries in a year. However, fares and in the context of the countries and regions in which the airline operates can also have a huge impact on revenue performance as you can see in the current Top 10 airline rankings.

Top 10 largest airlines in the world

(as of February 2020)


Revenue: 44,9 billion USD

Revenue: 44,5 billion USD

Revenue: 42,3 billion USD

Revenue: 41,9 billion USD

Revenue: 31,3 billion USD

Revenue: 28,8 billion USD

Revenue: 22,0 billion USD

Revenue: 21,7 billion USD

Revenue: 18,6 billion USD

Revenue: 17,3 billion USD

A ranking of the 10 largest airlines, based on most current revenue figures.

Top 10 largest airlines in the world 2020

1. Delta Air Lines

Revenue: $44.9 billion

logo Delta Air Lines
logo Delta Air Lines

Year of establishment: 1925

Based in: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Number of countries served: 60

Annual number of passengers (2019): ~ 205 million


2. American Airlines

Revenue: $44.5 billion

logo American Airlines
logo American Airlines

Year of establishment: 2013

(due to merger between US Airways & AMR)

Headquartered in: Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Number of countries served: 56

Annual number of passengers (2019): ~215 million


3. Lufthansa

Revenue: $42.3 billion

logo Lufthansa
logo Lufthansa

Year of establishment: 1955

Headquartered in: Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Number of countries served: 81

Annual number of passengers (2019): ~ 145 million


4. United Airlines

Revenue: $41.9 billion

logo United Airlines
logo United Airlines

Year of establishment: 2010

(due to merger between United Air Lines & Continental Airlines)

Headquartered in: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Number of countries served: 48

Number of annual passengers (2019): ~160 million


5. Air France-KLM

Revenue: $31.3 billion

logo Air France-KLM
logo Air France-KLM

Year of establishment: 2004

(due to merger between Air France & KLM)

Headquartered in: Tremblay-en-France, Ile-de-France, France

Number of countries served: 93

Number of annual passengers (2019): ~ 135 million


6. International Consolidated Airlines Group

Revenue: $28.8 billion

logo International Consolidated Airlines Group
logo International Consolidated Airlines Group

Year of establishment: 2011

(due to merger between Iberia & British Airways)

Headquartered in: Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

Number of countries served: 75

Number of annual passengers (2019): ~ 118 million


7. Southwest Airlines

Revenue: $22.0 billion

logo Southwest Airlines
logo Southwest Airlines

Year of establishment: 1967

Headquartered in: Dallas, Texas, USA

Number of countries served: 10

Number of annual passengers (2019): ~ 163 million


8. China Southern Airlines

Revenue: $21.7 billion

logo China Southern Airlines
logo China Southern Airlines

Year of establishment: 1988

Headquartered in: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Number of countries served: 35

Annual number of passengers (2019): ~ 152 million


9. All Nippon Airways

Revenue: 18.6 billion USD

logo All Nippon Airways
logo All Nippon Airways

Year of establishment: 1952

Headquartered in: Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Number of countries served: 29

Annual number of passengers (2019): ~ 55 million


10. China Eastern Airlines

Revenue: 17.3 billion USD

logo China Eastern Airlines
logo China Eastern Airlines

Year of establishment: 1988

Headquartered in: Shanghai, Shanghai City, China

Number of countries served: 41

Number of annual passengers (2019): ~ 121 million


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