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Two-thirds of Women Think They Organize Their Holidays Better Than Their Partner

Women shop for last-minute holiday essentials, take care of passports and arrange excursions - while men pack cars and sort through airport transfers, a study found. was found.

The researchers came to the conclusion after polling 2,000 adults to determine who does what during breaks.

Statistics show that women tend to pack, arrange travel insurance and ask neighbors to water plants while they are away.

Men are likely left to book rental cars, secure airport parking and buy foreign currency.

Commissioned by Airport Parking & Hotels, (, the study also found that 66% of men think they do most of the holiday organizing.

But 72% of women say they tend to do the majority of it. It also emerged two-thirds of women think they celebrate the holidays better than their partners.

The study also found that women often had to renew their expired passports, have someone take care of their pets while they were away, and have someone take out the trash.

Men are often tasked with checking in for flights, navigating and refueling cars.

But that's not all left to one or the other - the two will jointly decide which country to visit and what the budget for the getaway should be.

Even so, nearly half of men say they take on particular aspects of holiday planning because their partner struggles with it.

By comparison, 63% of women performed some of their partner's tasks.

A third of UK adults have ditched with their partner about who they are supposed to be doing.

A higher percentage of women find remembering everything for their vacation more stressful than men - 53% versus 74%.

Research conducted by OnePoll also shows that polled people often forget something three times every time they go on holiday for the holidays.

And more than three-quarters even had to turn around and go home or to a hotel because they left something behind.

40% of women think their other half will most likely forget something - conversely 19% of men say the same thing.

Holiday jobs women tend to do

  • Arrange day trips/excursions

  • Find local restaurants nhà

  • Find a local supermarket

  • Check the weather

  • Read about local customs

  • Remember your passport

  • Renew expired passport

  • Get travel insurance

  • Arrange related visas

  • Make sure someone keeps an eye on the house

  • Find a pet sitter / check-up

  • Learn about EU health cards

  • Shop for last minute essentials

  • Packing suitcases

  • Buy phrasebooks

  • Know local bus routes/public transport

  • Leave the keys with the neighbors

  • Ask someone to take out the trash

  • Ask someone to water the plants

Holiday jobs men tend to do

  • Arrange car rental

  • Find a local gas station

  • Check-in for flights

  • Book flightsArrange airport parking

  • Buy mapsBuy inflatables

  • Buy swimwear

  • Find travel adapters

  • Find a phone charger

  • Packing tablet device

  • Check roaming charges

  • Arrange airport transportation

  • Check the exchange rate

  • Plan what time to leave the house

  • Draw the way to the airport

  • Fill the car with fuel

  • Plan your departure time on the way home

  • Car packing

Holiday work both men and women do

  • Research on vacations

  • Deciding which country to visit?

  • Decide on the type of resort

  • Decide on hotel location

  • Book kids activities/clubs

  • Exchange money / money

  • Decide on a holiday budget

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