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The principle of using a mask RIGHT, you must definitely take to heart!

One of the common measures to reduce the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus is to wear a mask properly. Here is the secret, you definitely have to take it to heart!

N95 mask

N95 masks are the most sought after product. N95 filters better than medical masks, equipped with N95 dust filter standard with the ability to filter 95% of 0.3 micron fine dust in the air.

This is considered the best anti-virus mask available today. Compared with medical masks, N95 masks have about 10-20% higher ability to prevent infection (based on research with seasonal influenza viruses).

However, to achieve the desired effect, the N95 mask must be worn tightly, with no gap between the mask and the skin of the face. If you're using this product and it's easy to breathe, sorry, you're wearing it the wrong way!

N95 masks are more expensive than medical masks, usually used 3-5 times.

Medical masks

In fact, no mask can completely block pathogens. The real purpose of wearing a mask in the prevention of Corona virus is to prevent droplets containing the virus from being thrown from the patient.

If you do not have an N95 mask, it is also good to use a medical mask. However, you should choose a standard medical mask that meets the criteria of a medical mask, not to be confused with a paper mask that is not equipped with a normal filter and absorbent layer.

One of the criteria for classifying "medical masks" is the "Bacterial Filtration Efficiency" (BFE), with a BFE index > 95%. You should choose for yourself the mask products with the highest BFE index.

It is worth noting that you are a bit… clumsy when wearing a medical mask! The blue side is water resistant and the white side is hygroscopic, so when wearing, you should face the blue side outward and the white side inward to maximize the benefits of the mask.

Many of you also have the habit of wearing a mask like … not when it only covers the mouth to the chin, or from the eyelids to the nose, sometimes from the forehead to the eyes. Note that medical masks only work when they cover the nose and mouth!

For this type of mask, it is better to use it only once and then throw it in the trash. Maybe you just bought this mask box for … 200k/box this morning, but don't waste your money but breathe in an atmosphere under the mask, not sure if it's safe or not.

What about gas masks?

Undeniably, anti-pollution masks are resistant to agents that are harmful to health, from dust, viruses to toxic gases. However, in addition to breathing difficulties, you have to spend a lot of time practicing to use them because they are not as easy to wear as medical masks.

Not to mention, Vietnam has very few people using this type of mask to go out on the street. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before stepping out into the street with this mask, prepare your "steel" spirit to deal with the gazes of others!

In addition to basic prevention measures such as wearing a mask, do not forget to wash your hands with disinfectant, gargle with antiseptic water, and especially avoid gathering in crowded places.

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