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Born in 1989 What Destiny? What Color is the Age of the Snake, What Age, Which Direction Is Favorabl

Born in 1989, what is the destiny, what age, what color, what age, what age is the common question of people born in this year. If you were born in 1989, the Snake and are looking for answers to the above problems, do not ignore the article below.

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Tỷ Tỵ 1989
Tỷ Tỵ 1989

1. What are you born in 1989?

See the Eastern horoscope, people born in 1989 hold the sign of the Snake

Can chi (age according to the lunar calendar): Ky Ti

Snake bones, monkeys

Children of the Qing Dynasty - School of the Internet

2. What was born in 1989?

See Perpetual Calendar, people born in 1989: Dai Lam Moc.

Mutual with destiny: Water and Fire

Contrasted with destiny: Kim and Tho

3. What is the zodiac sign born in 1989?

Male network: Khon Tho, belongs to the West of the Four Fates

Female network: Ton Moc, belongs to the East of the Four Fates

4. Born in 1989, what color match?

- What color do people born in 1989 match?

+ Fate color: Green, green.

+ Similar colors: Black, blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, pink.

+ Taboo colors: White, gray, yellow, brown.

- What color car do people born in 1989 match?

Choose a car color that suits your destiny, if you don't get promoted, you will also get promoted. When choosing the color of the car that is in accordance with the Ky Ti 1989 destiny, you should choose the color of the destiny or the color of the birth above. Avoid taboo colors

Accordingly, the car colors that match the age of 1989 include: Green, green, orange, red, yellow, purple, pink ...

Tỷ Tỵ 1989

5. Born in 1989, which number matches?

Male destiny numbers: 2, 5, 8, 9

Female destiny number: 1, 3, 5, 9

6. Born in 1989, what age is appropriate?

- Matching age belongs to Thuy: Giap Dan, At Mao, Binh Ty, Dinh Suu...

- Matching age with Fire par: Mau Ngo, Ky Mui, Binh Dan, Dinh Mao, Giap Tuat...

- Matching age of the Moc par: Canh Than, Tan Dau, Mau Thin, Ky Ty, Nham Ngo, Quy Mui...

7. Born in 1989 in which direction?

Year of the Rat 1989:

+ Direction: Northeast (Birth Qi) - Northwest (Phuc Duc) - West (Thien Y) - Southwest (Fu Vi). As follows:

Northeast - Sinh Chi: This house is rich in fortune, rich in wealth, rich in wealth, successful children, and a lot of land. In the future, it will be poor because the carpentry of the star of Life will reduce fortune.

Northwest - Phuc Duc: This house is rich in fortune, rich, famous, intelligent, well educated, happy family, long life family members.

Tay - Thien Y: This house has yin prosperity and yang decline, few sons. This family has a good family, has a lot of fortune to do business, but it is easy to suffer economic decline later on.

Southwest - Phuc Vi: This house was also prosperous at first, but later it was damaged, men were hurt, women took power in the family, sometimes becoming widows.

+ Unsuitable direction: North (Tuyet Menh) - Southeast (Five Ghosts) - East (Hoa Ha) - South (Luc Sat). As follows:

Bac - Tuyet Menh: This house has failed in business and is not rich. Weak health, the second son is vulnerable to early life.

Nam - Luc Sat: This house also has fortune in the early years, but later on, it declines, decreases, and the yang qi declines, so men have a short life and lack of descendants.

East - Hoa Har: This house was rich at first, the population increased, but later it declined, often facing disasters; vulnerable elderly mothers.

Southeast - Ngu Quy: This house has no fortune, the property is declining, there are many stories of discord, it is easy to discord, the family is restless, property disputes, few sons. Mothers are prone to disaster.

Tỷ Tỵ 1989

Female Destiny 1989:

+ Direction: North (Birth Qi) - East (Phuc Duc) - South (Thien Y) - Southeast (Fu Vi). As follows:

North - Sinh Chi: This house is famous for being rich and precious, but has a good reputation. Successful, obedient children have glorious reputations.

Dong - Phuc Duc: This house is rich, promoted, famous and successful, both sons and daughters develop.

Nam - Thien Y: This house was rich in the early years. People in the house live honestly, women develop, men have bad luck.

Southeast - Phuc Vi: This house has prosperity and yang decline, so men in the house are inferior to women. This house was at first well-off, increasing in popularity. But later on, the human life gradually deteriorated, and the son's life was short. Women hold power in the family and raise children.

+ Unsuitable direction: Northeast (Tuyet Menh) - Southwest (Five Ghosts) - Northwest (Hoa Ha) - West (Luc Sat). As follows:

Northeast - Extreme Men: This house is very bad, the economy is in decline, the house is very human, and the women are sick and difficult to treat. It is difficult for women to raise children.

West - Luc Sat: This house had a fortune at first, but it declined later. Yin and yang decline, so men are easily short-lived, the eldest daughter in the house is often sick and injured.

Northwest - Hoa Hai: This house had fortune at first, but later declined. Many disasters happened. The palace (representing the eldest daughter) is engraved, women, especially the eldest daughter, are vulnerable and difficult to give birth.

Southwest - Five Demons: People in the house are often sick or sick; property decline, many bad stories, Cung Khon (representing the mother) so the mother suffered many diseases and loss of life.

8. Buddha of the Year of the Snake in the year of the Snake 1989

Bodhisattva Samantabhadra is the Buddha who saved the life of the Ky Ty year, born in 1989.


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